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Burias Island in Masbate

one of the islands around Burias Island 

See here for the suggested itinerary to San Pascual Burias Island, Masbate

This trip to Burias Island has been planned a few months ahead, and it was almost frustrating that days before the long weekend, a strong typhoon is impending to screw it up.

2 days before the event, i had been closely monitoring the typhoon; looking regularly on the PAGASA site for updates on its location.

We were scheduled to leave thursday night, and wednesday night, I wasn't so agreeable on a plan B. The typhoon was in Roxas city and the reports don't mention where its location will be by thursday night.

I did my own estimate and SMSd everyone about my projection and/or absence of any other plan.

Thursday morning, the typhoon is, as weather report notes, exactly in burias island and it is signal no 2 in san pascual, masbate. I was cool enough though I was still praying it doesn't go U turn like the other typhoons.

After work, I rushed home to get my stuff. Suddenly, I got a call from the local tourism, Sir Tony, who gave me the other info I couldn't find on the net, including, as he said, The P1000 tinalisayan, and P2500 sombrero+tinalisayin combo boat trip costs.

He warned us that there are no trips at the moment, because of the weather, but I insisted that we're OK with waiting in Pasacao port until trips resume (I've seen from wikimapia some beaches along Pasacao anyway where we can hang out while waiting in case we get stranded indeed)

We met as agreed, though as expected, heavy rains were pouring in Manila thursday afternoon. By the time of our meeting, GMA correspondent Susan Enriquez was still reporting in the araneta terminal while we were waiting for the rest of the group.

Bus strips have resumed later, as the port in Matnog, sorsogon has been cleared by the coastguard. Suddenly, all trips are closed and fully booked, and we played our chances on the no-show passenger seats. We almost split on different buses, but just on time, we found a bus that can take 5 chance passengers.

Everything was on place thereafter. Upon getting off from the bus in pasacao junction, there was the NAGA-PASACAO jeep waiting for port bound passengers. And, when we got to the port, the first boat which is supposed to leave only by 10:30am left at our arrival because of the good number of passengers who were stranded the other day.

Pasacao Town Center


M/B Maxim

Finding comfort zone in Maxim

From the San Pascual Pier, as we were obviously touring around, some men offered boats, and we got quotes for P300 to tinalisayin, and P1500 for Tinalisayin and Sombrero Islands. I did not make any commitment though as I did not know why such a difference from the tourism's offer.

San Pascual Port

Anyhow, we had lunch from Ate Jing's carinderia and asked about boat prices to these islands. She said that the random fishermen's offer was fine.

While eating, since the tourism office is expecting us, 2 men came took shade from ate jing's place, and were looking at us. Then ate jing told us they were looking for us.

A little while later, sir Tony came and invited us to the tourism desk after our lunch.

At the tourism desk, we were given the info about the possible destinations, and right after, we were ready for the island hopping. The guy who offered us a boat was there all the time, and I pity that I couldnt get hi offer since I have more peace of mind dealing with the tourism. We agreed to check in at Virjen, where the P2500 charge would include drop and pickup in that resort.

waters of Burias

Heading close to Sombrero Island

Docked in Sombrero Island, San Pascual Masbate

Sombrero Island, San Pascual Masbate

Sombrero Island, San Pascual Masbate

Sombrero Island, San Pascual Masbate

Sombrero Island, San Pascual Masbate

We started the island hopping, and got really hooked up with sombrero. If only we had alcohol available already at that time, we would have rather camped in Sombrero.

After sombrero, we headed to tinalisayin. Unfortunately, it was already high tide at the time and our guide wont want us to cross as we may be waved off by the tide.

Tinalisayan Island, San Pascual Masbate

Tinalisayan Island, San Pascual Masbate

Tinalisayan Island, San Pascual Masbate

Tinalisayan Island, San Pascual Masbate

Shortly after going round the island, we sailed back to the port to scout some goods and then to Virjen resort.

When we got to virjen, we were asked how many rooms we'll be occupying. When we said only 1, the caretaker said he'll have to ask his manager as the generator would consume more oil than what we'll pay. With all the lights around the resort turned on, it might be the case indeed. We said we are ok with turning off the lectricity after some time. A little while after, the tourism staff has to leave and said they've spoken to the resort and everything's fine.

Back in the port while having dinner, again at Ate jing's, we were asking how to get to Claveria. There is a commuter boat that plies san pascual masbate city, M/B Mark Mike, but it has sailed already the day before. Its schedule is thursday, San Pascual-Claveria/Masbate and Sunday for return.

A bystander, the municipal Engineer offered his boat (and in fact free lodging) for P1500.

Before the tourism officers left at Virjen, they asked us for our plan. On google maps, the sands of claveria are whiter than san pascual's so I was very eager to see the other town. Besides, We ca'nt tell when we can come back, so the convenient option is too see everything we can. So, we said we'll go by Engineer's boat, whom the tourism officer this time said is P2000.

It was almost 7am when we woke up, and it was already 8am when we left virgen. Since we didn't have time the other day for San Pascual church and Balinsasayaw House, we decided to see these first before going to claveria.

San Pascual Church, San Pascual Masbate

San Pascual Church, San Pascual Masbate

lodging house in San Pascual, Masbate

lodging house in San Pascual, Masbate

Balinsasayaw House in San Pascual Masbate

It was already past 10am when we left. For the next 4 hours, we were sailing the shores of burias. A coast of various sites of rock formations and sandy borders. It has been several hours already, and fishermen we approach said Putting baybay (our area of interest) is still far away. We then decided to go U turn and just check out brgy pasig. It wasn't as I expected. The water is quite clear, but the bed is rocky and full of urchins -that google can't zoom enough.

skin tones

We decided to check out instead that rocky cove that had a really nice view. It was already dark when we got back to port.

Ian's Cove? Lolz.. it doesn't have a name. We passed by it, and thought of dropping by on our way back

Ian's cove again

and more pics of Ian's cove

For that night, we took engineer's offer for a hosted homestay. He even served us a bounty of big shrimps in sinigang for breakfast.

At 9am, we left his house only to find out that Maxim boat has left at the same time. Thank God there was a copra delivery boat that will sail after lunch.

Navy vessel docked in San Pascual Port, Masbate

Copra beddings

staff chow

It was already past 3pm when we got to Pasacao.

see here what happened next...

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    1. taken midway of our boattrip to claveria...
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  2. At may copra beddings pa tlaga. haha!

  3. I like this adventure. Will do Burias next - - - I did Ticao last year.

    1. i wonder how was your experience with the tourism officer


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