Saturday, November 10, 2012

Rapu Rapu Island: Finally

(sequel to the sorsogon trip)

Rapu Rapu Island, Albay
In Sorsogon City, just along the way, there was a COLORUM van driver who asked us if we're bound for Legazpi. He offered a Daraga trip which was a jeep away fr legazpi. Luckily, it did not get any more passenger other than us three and three others so it was a comfortable nap time. I owned the long seat at the far back of the passenger van.

From Daraga, we paid P8 for legazpi and asked the driver to drop us where we can get a cheap lodge.
In legazpi, we were dropped in an Inn which least expensive room was P600 (and does not even seem to be worth it). We were not amenable to spending that much so instead, we asked around and we were pointed on another corner where we found Hotel Xandra (And in front is Hotel Rex).
The rate was around P400 for 4 of us, but further bargaining, we were given a 2-bed fan room in the 4th floor for P350. The hotel wasn’t well maintained but for the price, this should be OK. After all, we’re leaving very early to catch the Rapu Rapu trip in the Legazpi Port.
Took a shower, and while the 2 fellow travelers preferred to go ahead to sleep after shower, my fatigue is needing a Red Horse treatment. So, I walked back to the road, walked a bit, and since I could not find any nice beer place close by, rode the Legazpi-Daraga jeep again all the way to the Municipal Hall. I sat at Chicken Inn; That was probably the best there is at that day, hour, and distance.

After some 3 bottles, I decided to go back so my body can rest a bit.

It was about 6 am when we woke up the next day, and did not really bother for a shower as it was already late and we’re heading to the beach anyway. The boat is to leave at 7.

The port is just a few blocks away so it was just the right time when we arrived. The boat is loading and just in a few minutes, we left the Legazpi Port.

Legazpi Port and Boat bound for Rapu Rapu Island, Albay

“The boat will take 3 hours to get to Rapu Rapu” they said. Thus, it is expected to arrive at 10am. By 1pm, the same boat will sail back to Legazpi City, and the next one will be the next day.

At the boat, we all three of us were deeply asleep. I didn’t even notice that half my body was already wet due to the splash of the wave. Water was coming all the way to my seat. Most of the baggages were heavily wet.

It was already past 10am when we got to Rapu Rapu island. Had breakfast very quickly, and asked what we can check out. The locals were pointing us to Cheska. As we can’t waste any time, I haggled for the habal services and went straight to cheska.

It took us less than 5 minutes to get there, and just a few seconds to turn back. There is no beach but rather a shore.

I asked the habal service for what else we can see. This time, we checked out what they call as the irrigation, which is actually a falls (among the other bigger falls they claim as farther in and upland)

Worried that we might not get a bus seat back to Manila (due to the plight of passengers for the All Saints day holidays) if we spend an overnight in the island, we decided to go back to legazpi through the 1pm. So, after the “irrigation”, I asked that we move back to the port quickly so we can check out the 2 rock islands next to the port.

While the locals would rather walk the shallow bay to get to the 2 rock islands, I asked for a smaller boat to save time. I was also hoping that after getting some pictures of these boulders, we could go boat to the shores of Rapu Rapu and just hop to the passenger boat on the somewhere along the shore. However, time wasn’t enough. When we got to the port, the passengers were already on their seat, and it’s just that some stuff have yet to be unloaded. I asked the boat staff if, while unloading, we could check out the rock islands. He said yes since he’ll literally have to yell a bit to catch our attention and ask to be on board once ready.

by the time I come back, this is probably sailing Legazpi - RR

I really regret I did not get to swim in the “R-R” (local’s refer to it this way) shores. The camera did not even catch the unique (blue) shade of the water en route to the pier.

It was about 5pm when we docked in Legazpi Port; Hurried to take a trike to the bus station to book a ticket and rush to Cagsawa for a quick pic of Mayon and Ruins.

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