Monday, October 15, 2012

Mt Maculot | Cuenca, Batangas

View of Taal Lake from Maculot Rockys

From my final exam in school, i head straight to the araneta terminal in cubao where i am to meet a travel
bud who'll join me for an overnight trek. The event was supposedly a daytrip but dull homey saturday night will be a nightmare. It was half past 2pm already when the ALPS batangas Pier ACTEX bus rolled on the road.

By 4:13 pm, we were in tambo exit already where we'll meet another trav bud. Having my student id, i paid 105 for that distance.

From there, we rode a Lemery bound jeepney, paid 20 each, and got off in the Iglesia Ni Kristo church in Cuenca.

From there, a trike for 20/head drops us at the jump off.

It was already past 5pm when we started our trek. We got to the summit by almost 7pm.

The following day, since there were 16 of us, and a number are newbies enjoying their newfound interest, it was already 4:45 when we got back to camp from the rockies.

As only 2 of us have lights, we had to be quick in the descend. We got to the village in less than an hour.

camp (taken just after sunrise)

Breakfast cake

Gamblers from afar

Gamblers up close

At stake!
headed over to the rocky's from camp

marker en route to the rocky's; right after camp

PEXers in Maculot

Aling Marissa's Facility

The chargeable washrooms; 1 with toilet bowl; the far 3 cabins for pure wash
their buko juice is P7; tastes better; P3 cheaper than that sold up in the hill

Clean washrooms; bath=15; dumi=10; ihi is 5 (as if iihi ka lang, jan pa)

Ate Marissa cooks by request; here are some she can cook at prices noted; You can ask her to cook ahead before descend; just negotiate for prices


  1. nice trek. ayus naman yung isa talagang naka-bangles pa rin LOL. LIKE-Y like your breakfast cake.

    1. she never climb/travel without those.. and she always got several to match her attire... thanks :-)


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