Thursday, December 6, 2012

3D/2N Caramoan - Catanduanes Itinerary

docked in Matukad Island

The Majestic Wave, Puraran Beach Resort, Baras, Catanduanes

It's a Bonifacio non-working holiday on a friday - a call for long haul travels.

More than a month ago, I got an invite from an online friend for Pollilo island. But, just 2 weeks after I hit the "going" button on his fb event invite, since I am very very eager about completing my 80-province goal, I thought I could skip Pollilo for the meantime; Besides, I've been in and out of Quezon more than frequently.

I was supposed to exchange the Pollilo trip for Lubang island Mindoro; But just when I thought everything's ok, 2 nights before the trip, I have been told that there is no trip going to the island on that friday.

Without much research, I had thought about Caramoan; And when I looked in the map, it is quite close to Catanduanes, which we can probably fit for this 3 day trip.

Sabang Port

Guijalo Port

our P600 budget bangka with Kuya Junior the bangkero

Herebelow is our trip's time line:

9:00      Depart Cubao
7:25      Arrive in Naga
9:39      Arrive in Sabang
10:40    Depart Sabang
12:52    Arrive in Guijalo
2:17      Arrive in Paniman
6:00      Back in Paniman
10:04     Depart Rex
11:18     Depart Guijalo
12:31    Arrive Codon
1:40      Arrive Virac
4:10      Depart Pier for Baras
6:35     Arrive Puraran
9:45      Depart Puraran
11:46    Arrive Virac
1:20     Depart Virac Pier
5:30    Arrive Tabacco Pier
5:30    Arrive Cubao

Codon Port in San Andres
Virac - Baras Terminal

 Share    Description  Cost/Group

400 Bus: Cubao to Naga
100 Van: Naga to Sabang
120 Boat: Sabang to Guijalo
30 Environmental Fee
100 Share: Rex Tourist Inn 300
50 Lunch
67 Trike: Guijalo to Paniman 200
200 Boat: Paniman to Islands 600
33 Dinner 100
67 Trike: Paniman to Centro: REX 200
72 Monina Garden Retro Bar
50 Breakfast
34 Trike: Centro to Guijalo 100
300 Boat: Guijalo to Codon 900
50 Trike: Codon to Virac 150
35 Lunch
10 Trike: Virac Palengke to Pier
35 Jeep to Baras
33 Trike: Baras to Puraran 100
133 Puraran Surf Accomodation 400
175 Surfing Share (rental+guide) 350
50 Trike: Puraran to Baras 150
40 Brunch
35 Jeep: Baras to Virac
240 Ferry: Virac to Tabacco (Penafrancia)
15 Terminal Fee
350 Bus: Tabacco to Cubao
P2,824.00 per head


Caramoan boatman may be contacted through Ate Marie 09108689651 (just ask for Kuya Jr)
Caramoan Trike Rene 09296282894 Elmer 09097702491
Boatman Guijalo to Codon 09167854015

Trike service from Codon to Virac Glen: 09186143650
Puraran Trike from Baras Emoi 09159881745
Puraran Beach Resort 09491343443

Penfrancia Shipping Virac to Tabaco 09175803935 09209099340


  1. thank you for the itinerarry .. i am on my way there next week..

  2. Hallo Kalimbonisan, I like all the destinations you have been to. Your blog is very helpful. I have added you to my links. :-)

  3. thanks kulengleng.. hope I get to meet you around, ferry, bus, jeep, etc :-)


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