Monday, January 20, 2014

Sidetrip to Sepang's Gold Coast

It’s the holidays and It’s that time when it’s easiest to take a leave, no approvals whatsoever but just a notification to your boss.
It’s December 29th and coming from Myanmar, I thought about spending the new year together with my friends in Singapore (since it’s just a bus away from Malaysia).
Meantime, they’ve told me that they’ll be working until the 31st so surely, I will be left alone at their apartment if I go too early. Instead, I thought about going around Malaysia for the meantime, and then take the trip to Singapore on the 31st.
It was almost midnight when I arrived in KLCC. As the airport is midway KL and Singapore, I did not want to travel late to KL, and then take the same route again in the morning. Besides, I can just comfortably spend the night so long as I can take showers.
I slept wherever there was space.
At 6 in the morning, I stood early and took another shower. God knows when I’ll be able to shower again since I will basically stroll to wherever my feet lead me to. I looked on my google and zoomed across Sepang’s (where KLCC is) coastlines. I have come across this structure shaped like PALM just like those in Dubai; Except that, these appeared to be Stilts.

I googled the location, and indeed, the structures were stilts arranged in the shape of the Palm; It was called Gold Coast.
I walked towards the exit and asked around how to get there. One lady said I can wait for her and she can drop me right in Sepang where I can take another transport to Goldcoast. We walked towards the carpark and rode her car.

In Sepang, I asked again, and a storeowner tried to assist me get a transport. She said to wait for a friend who’ll be arriving in a sec, and I can take that ride. It has been more than 30 minutes, and no one is showing up. It seems the storeowner is more worried than I am for the waiting that’s been going on.
A little while later, a taxi passed by and she flagged it; talked to the cab driver to get the best rate. She called my attention and asked me to ride. Inasmuch as I’d like to refuse, (as I don’t want to spend even MYR15 for a ride), it was that situation I couldn’t say NO.
The taxi dropped me right in gold coast. There was a huge flock of tourists, Chinese it seems, who are having breakfast in the restaurants. I kept walking around.

I noticed it is free to use a bike to go to the opposite end of the PALM so I took a bike, and drove it. At the opposite end, there was a swimming pool which I was thinking about taking a dip, but It was too early. When I got back, I walked around again and found a hammock. I lost consciousness for about half an hour I guess, with my bag just on the ground.

By the time I woke up, I felt hungry. I walked across some facilities of the resort, til I get to some hawker stores. The price was my price. I ordered Nasi lemak along with some coffee for just MYR4.

While finishing my coffee, I saw a group of individuals cleaning and painting the sidewalks. I thought about joining them.
I approached them and asked if I can help.. gladly they allowed me to; It was a Corporate Social Responsibliity project of their company.

After we finished, I decided to leave so I can check out Malacca. I walked to where google maps is telling me to exit. One guy in a motorcycle figured out I was headed to the highway, so stopped and asked me. He dropped me right in the bus station in Sepang... perhaps twice as far as his destination. I’m glad it’s not only in my home country where people are as friendly.. can’t wait to go back to Malaysia especially Sabah.

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