Monday, January 20, 2014

Amidst Typhoon Agaton: From Calaguas to Caringo Island

Having been to Calaguas island several times, and with sufficient contacts to ask from, this destination has been a fallback weekend resort.

Having missed the 8pm last trip to Paracale town, we took the Daet bus and was supposed to get off in Talobatib junction. Then again, we were on deep sleep at the time the bus passed the junction, and if not that it had gone into full stop in bus station, we would have not been awaken.

By the time of our arrival, I asked our contact if there were boats sailing to Calaguas island. The wind is still blowing hard, and the skies are still grey; the answer was of course negative.

There was nothing much to do in Daet, so we went instead to Mercedes fishport where we'd check if there are probably some trips to the islands off its coast.

Compared to the first time I went here, there are significantly less boats docked in the port. We approached a few and none was willing to take passengers (especially strangers) as the waves were really huge (and from a distance I could imagine how coarse it could be).

Instead, we were advised to take the cayucyucan route.

Cayucyucan is the other jump off point to the islands of quinapagian, apuao, maladugue, and caringo, From the fishport, you'll have to take a P4 boat ride to cross to the nearby coast, and from there, take a P14 ride to the opposite coast of the land.

This is the same route I have taken on my first visit, and was surprised that the same household I asked for coffee then still remembered me. Before I even told the lady of the house that I visited before, She told me rightaway that i was the one who visited months ago.

Anyway, after having yet another cup of coffee, we excused to go to the beachfront so we can catch some boat to Caringo. At the shore, we met Rico. A returning local who has been away and working in Bulacan for 4 years now.

Rico said his brother will pick him up so we waited for their boat even if there appeared to e some boats bound to caringo.

It has been almost 2 hours already, and even if the weather will mislead me of the time, I can't help but ask if his brother is ever coming; He confirmed he is although he himself seems wondering what's taking so long. I offered that he call thru my phone, and only then did his kins from the island knew he was waiting there already. His messages weren't delivered on time.

It was already almost noon when the boat arrived; plus, the waves made the trip three time longer than it should.

At our arrival, we registered first to the brgy officials and then walked around. I could only regret we didn't have the sun in this visit. I could tell how blue the waters could be. The fish and coral sanctuary I saw in google on my first visit was also just a swim away. I could've braved the waves, but then again, the water wasn't so clear to see anything so had to just forget it.

The wind blew harder, and rain was beginning to fall. The sound of the waves from the far side of the island was reverberating even to this part facing the mainland. Some local boatmen who were repairing their boats took shade in the same hut. As they can see our packed luggage, they asked if we are bound home at that same afternoon. We were advised that there will be no boat bound for mainland, unless we rent a big boat that can handle the waves. We just smiled and answered we can wait (which was a more decent way of saying we don't have spare for a boat rental).

Then, one of them offered a trip so long as we pay the gas. We didn't want to be caught with more trouble in the island so we agreed. 

At the boat, we had to cover up with a big tarpaulin, so we could not see anything. Yet the boat would rise and bang into the waves, that i was thinking it might splice down. It wasn't really made of reliable wood material really. We reached cayucyucan completely wet but thankfully somehow safe.


  1. You both are looking very nice in last pic. Your Calaguas island's visit was very intrusting specially when you play with their children. Calaguas island is beautiful island of Philippine but not very famous in tourism circle. Your post will help Calaguas island promote in tourism circle for travel and trip.


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