Wednesday, January 22, 2014

3 hours and 1 dollar into Rural Yangon

Admittedly, I have been so passive of this trip to Yangon. I left every research work to my supposed travel bud, who, unfortunately, few hours before the flight from Manila, had to attend to some emergency.
Then again, one reason i do less research lately is that I’ve begun to have fun with surprises on trips; and the experience has surpassed the (actual) destination over my fulfillment in taking the trips.
So, there I was with my usual practice.. doing my research work when time bussing on commuter buses, stations, and planes. I have heard about the Pagoda’s, but I never did I really plan on getting to them one by one; I thought I might bore myself.
I consulted Trip advisor, and just as soon as I read “trip into the remote areas” of Yangon on the post for Circular train, plus the picture of the actual rusted train, I bookmarked it.
Upon arrival in Mahabandoola guesthouse, where my just moments ago contacted new travel buddy is awaiting me, I asked him rightaway what his plans for Day 1 will be. Thankfully, it was the circular train too.

We woke up very early the next day to get to the first trip.

I must say I got a little bored at the trip although again, it was still worth taking (after all it’s just $1). There is nothing fancy, but it is a reality that is in Myanmar. It tells you the kind of living there is, and much more, how that no matter how rusted transport system support the food supply chain of the capital.

From hour 2 to the rest, the scene will be the same. The train travels into the agricultural side of Yangon, stops into stations filled with vendors of various sorts, food, clothing, plastic ware, etc. I suggest prepare something else to be done in the train, while waiting to get back into the city proper.  Else, take the first 1 and a half course of the train, and then take the bus back to the city proper.

The train has a separate cart for foreigners/tourists, but nothing beats doing it like a local. You can start on the tourist cart, and on some stations, change to the normal carts, and then go back again anytime you feel uncomfortable or so.


  1. No wonder you wanted to jump off on the outskirt, but there I was enjoying the solitude on the train,... lol

    1. Got tired of the 3 hours of kangkong.. Would've enjoyed the street food etc.hehe! Thanks for ur time with me then ;-)


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