Saturday, August 17, 2013

Where to stay in Islas de Gigantes, Ilo ilo

As it was rather a last minute participant in this getaway, i did not really have much info about the trip. The only thing I knew was that Islas gigantes is one in my bucket list; neither did I know where we are staying nor which places we are going; I just knew how much money I had to bring;

When i met the whole group by 11am, it was then when I found out we are staying in this place called hideaway resort.

I was expecting it to be a secluded, out of the crowd accomodation, and was surprised that it was in front of a school. At that time, i was seeing only 2 nipas and one huge concrete bungalow;

As i could see, the nipa are occupied and I wasnt wrong that we are staying in the bungalow... Not so amenable.

Meantime, i was enjoying the talk amongst us, and so i did not really bother. After an hour of endless story telling, i thought its time to clean up.

By the time I finished, we were ready to eat.

The food was served on what seemed to be a separate lot; when i got to the vicinity, i was surprised at the rooms there were around the area... Just exactly what i wanted.. Absolutely cozy, and one sitting at the very high top of the tree. U fortunately, they were all occupied; More badly, the rate was the same. Regardless of which room you stay, the pay is 200/person.

Then, i just got stucked at our table. It was filled with seafood.. Served finely well you wouldnt think they were charging us at market price. We also bought watermelon along the way, which we had sliced and complemented our dinner very well. By this time, I would have been so sold to the management in this resort.

I also asked if they have coconuts around, and in fact, they do, and sold at only P10.

Overall, I was very satisfied with every aspect of my stay in higanets. The only thing I did not like was that when when we found out there were available kubos, we asked our designated guide, kuya joseph (a brother of the owner) if we can transfer as it was as dry hot in the bungalow house. He consulted their boss and we were told there will be guests coming very early in the morning; we said we'll be waking up early anyway for the island trips, but, again, they insisted its not possible.

The next day, there was no apparition of any guest in our target kubos. For that first night, as the rooms in the bungalow were really a nightmare (my hammock saved my night as I slept outside), one by one, my fellow travellers were evacuating their mattresses towards the living room; another pulled my supposed additional (folding) bed, and slept in the terrace..

Night no 2, we highly insisted that we transfer, and the response is still the same. Had i not been aggressive and bring up what they said about incoming guests, my friends would have spent the night wiping up sweat in bed.

Contact: 09184685006 and 09155796612-j0el. Signal is very weak in the area so just be a little patient in awaiting response

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