Saturday, August 17, 2013

Cooking Myself in Antique

Everytime there is an airfare sale, it just blows me away; Sometimes, as I am very impulsive to these kinds of deals, I overlap in the dates and I only find out too late when I already plot it in my calendar.

Anyway, one of the non sense purchases I made was a KALIBO-CLARK (one way only) dated April 9. I had four days availability next to that date so it's impossible that I let go of the ticket. The saturday, April 6, is also the last day of classes so I can use the trip to rebalance.

Within panay island, while I have just been to Ilo Ilo and Capiz last week, and I thought I could use the 3 days to conquer Aklan and Antique (which will complete my Panay conquest).

When pinoyadventurista posted his pictures in a Kawa sometime last year, I have made it a must do for my antique trip; I have also looked at other articles for antique and seen Mararison (aka Malalison) island in Culasi.

I bought my 2Go ticket to Caticlan the night before; It was high time I try the sail option too, which turned out not so bad as I enjoyed the bar and band and comfortable sleep in the ship.

We docked in caticlan past 7pm and I went straight to Antique. I wasn't so impressed with the falls as the water was almost dry. The view would have been great had it been the rainy season, especially the drop was really high. Nevertheless, I noticed the (guide) association has put some trash bins in the facility and I saw one of the guides picking trash while his group were swimming in the water;

After some quick dip in the falls, we went straight to Peter's lodge to try the Kawa.

When I told the caretaker I'll be going for the warm bath, he started filling it with water, and collected the wood for fire. Just after a few minutes, he put in some florals and guyabano leaves, tested the temperature, and I jumped in.

How to get there?
From Caticlan, take the Ceres Ilo Ilo via San Jose ordinary bus; Fare to Tibiao is P107; Ask to be dropped in Brgy Importante; From the drop off point, there will be habal services that go up the maintain to the barangay outpost - jump off to the falls and kawa; Fare is normally P70 per ride per way (P35 per head if two). From the outpost, you'll have to get a guide (ratio is 1 guide for 5 or even 10 depending on your negotiation). Guide fee is P100 only.

There will be 3 falls all in all. 1 being just next to the other, although you'll have to climb steep steps to get to the other, especially to the third; I was told there are total 7 falls but from falls 3, there will be no arranged trail to the rest. The basin in the third falls is said to be as deep as 18 feet. (water is not as clear though)

Kawa bath is P150; They also charge P25 per head entrance fees; They lease some kubo for P150 depending on the size. If you plan to stay overnight, they have a P300/night accomodation; or, for big groups, a kubo for P2500/night.

You can also request for Buko at P15 each. They don't serve food though so you'll have to bring your own; There are stores nearby in case for cigarette, canned goods, softdrinks, liquor, etc.

See here for what I did next in Antique - Mararison Island


  1. at dry nga ang falls. anong feeling ng niluluto sa kawa? hehe

  2. ang saya naman neto. brgy importante un jumpoff?lasttime na napadpad ako ng antique sa bakeshop un bagsak ko.Tibiao bakery!hehe


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