Monday, March 25, 2013

How to get to Islas de hegantes, ilo ilo

Just arrived from zambales and just after i unpacked my bag and sort out my dirty stuff, a friend told me they have a spare ticket for Roxas city. I was planning to get to Calaguas these coming days, but as i am scheduled for Calaguas island in 2 weeks anyway, i thought Roxas would be a better plan since i haven't set foot in this province yet.

Twelve hours to go before flight; I rushed home on time to wash my clothes from the last weekends' trip and dry them quickly over fan just to get them ready on time;

At 1am, i turned off the fan, folded the clothes, dropped my other stuff, and took a bath. I was going to meet 3 other travel buds in cubao and head to the airport for the 5:40am flight.

While in roxas and having breakfast, i took the time to do some talking and knowing around. The tourism desk at the airport headed by Mike and Den was just so welcoming and informative, i got more than the assistance I needed. We got a van who agreed to pick us up, tour us in the city while waiting for the other batch, and then pick up the second batch, and drop us all to the fishport within our budget

6:50 first batch arrives and waits for second batch of passengers; have breakfast in baybay and do city tour;
11:30 arrive in Roxas Airport; Take van to Estancia Fish Port; have lunch in the eatery along the way
2:00 arrive in fishport; ride boat for gigantes island
2:30 depart fishport
5:30 arrive in isla gigantes
6:00 depart dock station; take habal to hideaway resort
6:15 arrive in hideaway resort; rest & cleanup and dinner

*We rented a van for P1400 from Roxas City to Estancia Port. May be called in advance so van can pick up straight from airport
*boat leaves higantes at 9am, and leaves estancia fishport at 2:30pm. Travel time is 2hrs. Fare is P80 and Terminal Fee in fishport is P4.
*it takes a while for the boat to dock when its low tide; habal to hideaway is P10 per passenger; 2 heads per motorbike
*see separate entry for review of hideaway resort

see post here for where We stayed in Isla De Higantes

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