Monday, March 11, 2013

Cheap Stay in Boracay: Ocean Breeze Resort Station 3

Though I've booked my tickets months and months back, I did not have time to research on where to stay as I had been quite occupied with work and my 12 grad school units. It is also my first time in Boracay and I am getting there, so much because of I had to take my grandma somewhere (and of course, my backpacking wont adjust to her knees).

I had posted an update on fb, but I did not really like the atmosphere in the hotels/hostels/inns posted by my friends. For this (family affair) trip, I have been quite specific that I wanted somewhere quiet in a native/bamboo accomodation with a garden and a veranda.. first time I ever stipulated what I want in a lodging (and to hell with my price budget). I would have preferred a beach front too, but, I could not really find one.

A day before the trip, I was getting quotes ranging from P2.5K up to P3K. I was already fearing then that I might have to shed more than my 15K budget for this trip.

Luckily, hours before my flight, I got an email reply from Ocean Breeze Resort saying their P890 nipa cottage is available for 2 nights and that I'll just have to add P200 for a third person. Bingo! Total is P1090/night.. not too bad for an accomodation like this:

The P890/night for 2 acccomodation (peak season, i.e. versus low and high peak)

the veranda with free morning coffee

*The Inn is next to Orchids, Bora Bora, Melinda's Inn, etc;
*Wifi is available but at a chargeable fee of P50/day/device
*Cable 14 in tv provided in the room
*The secretary may be contacted at 09174846727
*They have a pickup service, but, it's not the pickup service with the transpo and all. It's more of guideship. In the end, it's just like paying P125 extra plus the transpo fees of their staff. Spare yourself that as for sure you are more than matured to ask around. Once in caticlan jetty port, pay P75 environmental fee and P100 terminal fee and P50 fare (Montenegro; P30 for the smaller ferries at night and P25 during daytime). Upon reaching boracay port, take trike at P100 to the resort.)
*On the beachfront next to Ocean Breeze, we had a bbq dinner where liempo was at P85, good for two, rice at P12. We had breakfast there the ff morning too but was surprised at the prices for that meal: fried egg was at P20, hotdog was at P35, per piece. I'd rather have the breakfast we had at Shenna's in Station 2 at P85 for the XXXXXsilogs, and 2 thumbs up for their P85 clubhouse that's got bacon (well, some don't).

P.S. I hate paying P25 for fare and P100 terminal fee; besides, it's just a pass through, not like you'll stay for an hour, charge up, do comfort room, etc. Quite an abuse.

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  1. the 100-peso terminal fee is really irritating. ang OA lang talaga para sa 5-minute use ng mga tao. :(

  2. Oo nga eh.. And i hate it most pag parehas lang sa mga citizens ng euro or dollar countries ang binabayaran


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