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Malapascua Island, Cebu

Malapascua Island, Cebu

Having spent 2 days already in Bantayan, thinking that I have toured every corner of this three-town island, and though I’d like to beach bum further, it was time to move on to malapascua island. Getting to places in my itinerary was better and economical than having to fly back to Cebu just to see the rest.
 It was past 8am when I woke up Sunday, and no matter how sloppy I am with time, I still made it to the 10:30am Ferry trip. It was exactly noontime when we reached the hagnaya port. From there, I struggled to fit myself and my bigger-than-me 85L backpack in the trike going to Eskina (bisayan word for corner/kanto) Don Pedro. 

Maya Wharf for Malapascua island

Boat to Malapascua island

From Eskina Don Pedro, I waited for the Ceres bus headed for Maya Port (while enjoying a group of transport drivers/operators peeping on a window for the pacquiao fight).  It was a quick 45 minutes to get to the wharf. The boat heading to Malapascua is leaving 1:30 and until now, I hadn’t eaten anything yet. Looking at my budget that was well spent in Bantayan, and estimating how much is to go away in the next island without an ATM machine, I opened my backpack and crunched on the Corned Tuna.

Thought we'd crash this boat en route to Malapascua Island

Malapascua shoreline

Just as soon as I finished the Tuna, the boat staff was calling the passengers. At some point in the trip, I (and the other passengers) thought we were going to crash by a huge shipping vessel, or be flipped away by the waves of its rotor, thank God we were safe. By 2:30 we were already in Malapascua. From the port, we were flocked by hotel dealers whose persuasion skills weren’t good enough for me. I kept walking along the shore of beach on one side and a chain of resorts on another. None seem to accommodate what I can afford. Along the way I saw a group of Cebuanos who camped, and later on, will play as a neighbour. 

Malapascua shoreline

Malapascua island shoreline

As soon as I got my tent pitched, I walked on an eskinita between 2 resorts to get to the villages to scout for water. There are also pension rooms there, but since my tent is pitched, I thought I was fine in that setup. When I came back, changed my clothes and took the dip. The water goes deep rapidly. I was just a meter or two on the shore and my head is already down in the water. I could also feel some current then, so I did not bother challenge my swimming skills. Went back to my tent, anyway, it was getting dark, took another canned dish, and changed clothes so I can have a beer, at least, in one of the resorts.

taking some rest after a walk tour of the resorts in Malapascua Island

boats in Malapascua island
Malapascua Island shoreline

camping in Malapascua Island

Malapascua Island at night

booze in Malapascua Island (Malapascua Legends Bar)

The Malapascua Legends bar was what I found real cozy; Sat on the shoreline and with attracting lights. And, of course, before even ordering my beer, I made my calculations as to what time I will be leaving the island to catch the last trip for Camotes: 11:00am, meaning, latest, I shall be leaving 8am.
After 2 bottles of red horse, I went back to my tent and slept. 

Malapascua Island shoreline

Malapascua Island shoreline

ready to leave Malapascua Island; small boat to the bigger boat

The morning after, i woke up past 7. I didn’t have much time as I’ll have to walk to the other side of the island. I had to hurry, and when I got to the port, It was just enough time for the boat to leave. Around 9am, I was in Maya wharf, and the bus has just left. A habal habal driver offered a fast ride to Daan Bantayan for P50 where I can catch that bus. Thank God we did.

*Added notes

-was told that Malapascua got it's name from Malas and Pasco. Magellan is said to have, due to emergency, landed to the island on one december night. Malas being the hispanic term for bad luck and Pasco for christmas.

-Trike fare from hagyana to eskina don pedro was P20. Ordinary bus from Don Pedro to Maya wharf was P34 (and air is really fresh; You can also glimpse at the eastern coast of Cebu on the trip). From Maya wharf to Malapascua is P80. On the return trip, other than the P80, I had to pay another P20 for the carriage on the smaller boat to the bigger boat, low tide I guess, though it seems the boat can actually handle it.

-There was another boat fetching passengers just before I reached the port (for P100), but it said to leave at 8:30, and I can’t wait anymore. Besides, I am not sure if it will be leaving as agreed since of course it will fill in passengers.

-The cheapest fan room offered was for P450 through a dealer. That was for the very first resort before turning left to the shore, from the port. (Next to it is Blue Corals). The rest, though more cozy, offers P800 up.

-Commodity scale: There is a grocery store, carinderia, and bakery in the Maya wharf for those who needs supplies. I got my Winston lights full 20s pack for P35. In malapascua, P85 for 6L water. Red Horse 500ml in Malapascua Legends is P70/bottle. There’s also a carinderia right behind Malapascua legend.

-For the less budgeted like me who’d like to camp, there are no wash facilities. There is a public toilet, not so clean, and scarse of water. What I did was, when I bought my water, negotiated with the vendor to use their washroom, though I did not really have time to bathe in the morning, actually.

-I thought Malapascua is not really for beach fun, unless diving, especially for those who haven’t been to Bantayan, which is no doubt much worthy.

-From some people I spoke with after the trip, I was told stories of stolen stuff. I did not experience it though. I left my stuff in the tent when I went to Legends for a drink (though i brought in my valuables). Just be a little mindful though.

-At night, the water is already on the weeds level, so I don’t see any night swimming activity.

-I brought in my snorkling stuff, but didn’t have budget for boat. Didn’t realize I’ll have to boat to get to the snorkling sites. Boat charge is P600 minimum. Gears are another.

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