Thursday, June 28, 2012

Guimaras in 4 hours

In Parola Port, Ilo Ilo, bound for Jordan Port in Guimaras; Behind is "Hollywood"

"Hollywood" ride to Guimaras from Parola Port in Ilo Ilo

It’s already mid afternoon when we got to Guimaras. Not much time for haggling, questions, etc. There is a tourism desk right at the port where they ask travellers to register (though they don’t really ask for any fee). From there, several tricycle drivers would flock to offer touring service at P250 (standard for Trappist, Mango Plantation, and Alubihod). While I thought it was expensive, I was looking at taking the jeepney ride instead. However, it will eat too much of our time, and maybe, we won’t even make it for the 7pm last trip. So, jeep wasn’t really an option. At the same time, I thought P250 was too much; Thought that perhaps, If i just walk further, I might find some other tricycle drivers who can offer lower.

one of the "less loaded" tricycles around Guimaras; I've seen some carry about 11 passengers in one trip

Trappist Abbey in Guimaras
Ian & ivy with a monk in Trappist Abbey in Guimaras

One of the tricycle drivers in the port kept following us though. I went back to him, Kuya Dodeng, and asked if he can lower the price down. By then, he was already asking P450 for the round trip. He said the P250 was rather one way drop, and from Alubihod, we’ll get another service to drive us back to the port.
Since we don’t really intend to stay long, and even if we wished so, there isn’t any time; We asked if he can just charge us P250 for the back and forth trip, anyhow, he’ll have to go back to the port anyway. He was asking for P400 but I said, all I can afford was P300. Another tricycle driver came in probably thinking he can agree to our bargain, but before he did so, Kuya Dodeng said Yes. So.. off we were.

Kuya Dodeng, our Guimaras Tour Driver cum Guide

Nueva Valencia, Guimaras Welcome/Thank you Arc

The Mango plantation was our first stop. All the while, I thought we’ll be able to get in, right down the trees and see mangoes hung around. I was surprised when Kuya Dodeng put his tricycle offside in the highway. That was already the mango plantation (viewdeck). It was noticeable that while Guimaras is known for Mangoes, there isn’t really alot of mangoes around. There will be some occasional mango trees, but Kuya Dodeng said, the Mangoes sold are only grown in that Plantation (and is government owned).

From there, our next destination was Trappist. When I asked what it was all about, he said it’s a convent of monks. Didn’t know what to feel as I am not a practicing Christian, but for the heck of it, so be it.

Alubihod Beach in Guimaras

The huts of Rico Beach Resort in Alubihod Beach in Guimaras

The other side of the Alubihod Beach including Rayment Beach Resort in Nueva Valencia, Guimaras

Island hopping happens there

When we got to the monastery, oh yes, there are monks, dressed in their legendary costume. As a matter of respect, before going anywhere else, we approached the monk and introduced. He offered to give us blessing to which I submitted since I’m technically asking favour for being in their place. After his blessing, we went inside the church; My friend said her prayers while I scrutinized around.

After the trappist, then we head to Alubihod, straight to Rayment beach resort.

souvenier vendors in Alubihod Beach, Nueva Valencia, Guimaras

It’s a small cove that covers about 4 resorts. From there, it was like Hundred Islands in Pangasinan. The real itineraries are off the shore, requiring some boating. And of course, we didn’t have time for that. Instead, we feasted on the creamy fine sand, the rock formations and hut on the side, and spoke to the souvenier vendors. I really regret we didn’t have 4 hours at least. The souvenier vendor’s story of the places to check makes me frustrated, i didn’t leave early for Guimaras.

Raymen Beach Resort beachfront in Alubihod Beach, Nueva Valencia, Guimaras

Raymen Beach Resort Boat Fees in Alubihod Beach, Nueva Valencia, Guimaras

Hut Accomodation in Raymen Beach Resort in Alubihod Beach, Nueva Valencia, Guimaras

see what you can scout and rather forget in your luggage

room accomodation in Raymen Beach Resort in Alubihod Beach, Nueva Valencia, Guimaras


3:05 PM                Boat leaves Parola Port
3:20 PM                Guimaras (Jordan/ said: Hordan) Port; Take trike cab to destinations
3:55 PM                Arrive in Trappist Abbey;
4:10 PM                Leave Trappist Abbey
4:15 PM                Arrive Mango Plantation
4:17 PM                Leave Plantation
4:27 PM                Arrive in Nueva Valencia
4:43 PM                Arrive in Raymen Beach Resort
5:30 PM                Depart Raymen Beach Resort
5:53 PM                Drop by in a Cozy Restaurant along the hi-way for Batchoy
6:05 PM                Back on the road
6:20 PM                Buy Mango
6:46 PM                Arrive back in Jordan Port


*For those who’d like to contact Kuya Dodeng for pre-arranged trike service, you can call the tourism desk and ask to be transferred:  0948 152 3629 or 0948 532 8292. In case the tourism desk offers other trike drivers, insist that you have been recommended to Kuya Dodeng.  Alternatively, you may also contact him through this no: 0927 570 7185 (owner of the motorcycle to whom he pays his boundary).

*Parola Port to Jordan Port Fare is P14; The return trip is P20.

*Price of commodities in Rayment Beach Resort is fairly affordable: Red Horse 500ml was P38. Marlboro lights is P25/halfpack. Piattos was P18. They did not have (small; not litro) softdrinks then, and red horse is their only bottled drinks :-)

*for the jeepney service in Guimaras, from Jordan port, take the jeeps bound for Nueva Valencia and get off in Crossing. Fare is P40/head. From Crossing, take a trike to Alubihod, Fare is P30/trip. Jeep ride will take more than an hour as it will fill from stop to stop.

Town Proper in Guimaras

Batchoy Restaurant in Guimaras
Mango stores in Guimaras

Jordan Port, Guimaras


  1. WOW! 4 hours in Guimaras! that's an amazing race! hehehe!

  2. it was.. parang masabi lang na nakapag guimaras ako. :-)

  3. when did you visit Guimaras, just recently? How's the weather at that time? We're planning to have trip there too next week but we're cautious on the weather as it is raining lately and plans to do an island hopping in the morning...
    How far also is Jordan Port to Alubihod via tricycle back & forth per way?

    1. HI Ian.. did our Guimaras trip last weekend of June '12. From Jordan to Alubihod will be, via chartered trike, 45-mins to an hour. for the jeepney, the tourism desk in the port said it may take 1.5hrs as it will be taking and dropping passengers along the way, plus there's a short stop within the trip. The jeep drops you at the "crossing" in nueva valencia, and you'll have to take a trike from there..


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