Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Fourplay: Cabongaoan, Tambobong, Colibra (+Cacupangan), Balinmalok

FOURPLAY's bagtag

We had planned this tambobong trip right in Calaguas. One of our travel mate hails from Alaminos and she had wanted to go to Tambobong beach. The deal was closed when she agreed to host our meal when we get to Alaminos town.

Fourplay transport to Cabongaoan, Tambobong, beaches in Dasol, Pangasinan

Cabongaoan Beach in Dasol, Pangasinan

Caboangaoan Beach in Dasol, Pangasian

We have called, or shall I say, I intended to call it fourplay as we planned to visit Cabongaoan, Tambobong, Colibra, and Balaki Island on this single trip (that later turned out to be Cabongaoan, Tambobong, Cacupangan, Colibra, and Balinmalok).

We posted the event in where our calaguas trip originated. From there, we ended up from less than 20 to close to 50 persons. Being the organizer, I must say, i did not really think it would be hard to pull things together.

the FOURPLAYers in Cabongaoan Beach, Dasol, Pangasinan

Our cozy settlement in Cabongaoan Beach, Dasol, Pangasinan

In-Between Gambling

We met in Edsa cubao corner main ave. There were 42 of us in a 30 seater bus. I had requested the joiners to make deposits ahead, and those who paid were only close to 30, so that’s the bus I reserved. Secondly, I was thinking the bigger 45 seater bus might not fit in the narrow roads around tambobong. Everything went out of control when, at the day of the event, everyone just showed up. Nevertheless, I thought it would be fun. Then again, it was a headache when no one would give way with the seats. I could almost understand that it’s such a long haul, but I was hoping the late confirmers (and guys) would give way. Didn’t know what happened, but everyone was seated at least by 1am, ready to go; And, I was seating next to the driver, on newspaper, and thankfully, with my mini pillow.

Cave Pool in Barangay Tambobong

Boulder near Cacupangan cave

The sun was already high up when we got to Pangasinan. We went straight to Daes’ house (meal sponsor J ) and had our breakfast there. We were also met by the other 2 joiners, one coming from Baguio, and the other, from Dagupan. Daes’ other 2 friends who are also joining are there, which totals 47 of us all. It was a jammed bus.

Our first stop was in Cabongaoan beach. It was my first time in this beach and I fell in love with the surrounding and more with the Hut we rented (though wasn’t really in our budget; we managed to fit it in with the contribution from the late confirmers anyway).  The waves were outrageous though. As for me, I had settled on a small corner making sure every expense is fitted well within our capacity.
A little while later, Pao, the gambling magnet rolled out his cards, and a few of us sat in with our petty investments; P3 initial investment that even sag down to a P700 liability. Now were talking IT’s MORE FUN GAMBLING IN THE BEACH.

Cacupangan Cave

At 3pm, we head over to Tambobong beach. We struggle along the rough road, and in taking turns. Unfortunately, as I was advised ahead, there were waves and water wasn’t so clear anymore. Totally disappointed by how it looked this season, and I didn’t know how to explain to my fellows what happened. Thanking previous blogs for having shown at least that I did not intend to forsake them. Alternatively, I asked Tito Leon to bring them to the small pool cave for the meantime, just so they can bath.
When they came back, I asked to pitch our tents so we can get ready with the food and drinks.
While everyone was setting up, we were busy preparing dinner for the group. After dinner, while most of the group had gone to sleep, the slackers prepared the fishballs for pulutan, and the alcohol offers for the night. I think it was already past 3 am when we finished up with all the bottles. From really boring questions and conversations to daring slutty consequences.

FOURPLAYin in Colibra Island

FOURPLAYers in Colibra Island

The morning after, i couldn’t wake up for the island tours. Thank God Tito Leon has arranged for the boats and they managed on their own. They headed to Cacupangan caves, colibra island, and Balinmalok wreck.

Photo credits to Elmer Belarmino Reyes, Frances Co, Bill Bello and Son Martillan


  1. Hi ask ko lang if gano kalayo ang Tambobong Beach sa Cabongaoan Beach? I would like to do the same route sana but we don't have private vehicle, mag trike lang kami. :D


  2. around 30minutes, estimating at 15kms roughroad sir..

  3. In your own opinion, based on all factors (sand, water, places to go) which do you think is more "inviting" yet safe, Tambobong or Cabongaoan? Thanks! - Eula


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