Monday, April 30, 2012

Summer Place, Florida Blanca, Pampanga

Summer Place in Florida Blanca, Pampanga

Today's amazing! I dropped my mom to the airport and when i got kins were craving for a swim. Thanks to the dry hot weather.

heading to Summer Place in Florida Blanca Pampanga

Since i barely had enough sleep as we had to leave 2am and be at the airport by 4, i took an hour nap. When i woke up, i heard them talking about "Summer Place" in Florida Blanca Pampanga.

en route past SCTEX bridge

 I've long wanted to get back to this place. The last time i was here was 21 years ago, when i was just 6, and my memories of it were as if it was just last year. 

power structure of SCTEX bridge

Much of the elder townsmen know the place as it was the only resort during those times. Pools weren't as convenient then. Meantime, most of natural attractions have vanished during the consecutive years of lahar destruction and so, people hadnt really thought that the resort still exists. It was only recently when i caught environmental interest that i recalled the place; and that, i guess, made my aunts wonder whatever happened to that place.

hut / kubos in Summer Place

 Then, this summer, an uncle's friend had told him that they've just been there. Thank goodness my aunts organized everything. We left home from the town of Porac at quarter before 11. We didn't really know the access to the place anymore but we were told this resort sits below the SCTEX bridge past florida exit coming from Tarlac. We were also told it was close to the BASA air base. We drove all the way to the air base and asked in the tricycle terminal for the location. We were told we were past it and that it's in San Jose, just right after the church. Then i recalled that that's the access to SCTEX, and given what we were told that it's right below the SCTEX bridge, i knew the advice was correct. 

Summer Place in San Jose, Florida Blanca, Pampanga

On the way to the SCTEX toll gate, there was a jeepney ahead who are 90% potentially going to swim. We followed them and as we approach the bridge, we could see the river and the rock boulders which i still remember very well. The excitement goes on.. There were huge groups and bundles of people with aching pores. We had to do several river crossing past these people, just so we could pitch in less saturated waters. It seemed as if all kubos were occupied but thank gooodness again, there is one vacant. 

Summer Place in San Jose, Florida Blanca, Pampanga

Summer Place in San Jose, Florida Blanca, Pampanga

The water is kind of green, guessing because of the molds, but staring closely at the water, its clear. Plus the fact that it's coming from the mountains, i didnt hesitate to dip, i was chasing on the current for several times. The water is a little warm when we got there, probably because the weather was intensely hot and considering how far the stream have travelled.

Summer Place in San Jose, Florida Blanca, Pampanga

 A little later in the afternoon, the water began to cool off the and the current has gone stronger. We went home past 7, and my folks my talking about coming back this coming sunday. As for me, being yhis close, i'll certainly be camping here one of these days.

Summer Place in San Jose, Florida Blanca, Pampanga

Summer Place in San Jose, Florida Blanca, Pampanga

*Add'l notes

 Surprisingly, the entrance are still at 5 pesos. Hut rental were at P150 though my people skills (if any) got it at p100.

 The "kulot" in charge said they allow overnight and provide kerosene lamps for P250. 

*if you'll commute, take the florida/dinalupihan jeeps from Angeles/Porac terminal. The vicinity is within brgy palakol, where you'll get off in San Jose. In the parish church, take a tricycle. Not sure how much it would cost. Try negotiating being picked up as there is no way to get a service from there. Make sure you have the mobile no, and perhaps an alternative, of your pre arranged service guy.

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