Monday, April 23, 2012

Baler, Aurora

After 2 months and 5 missed treks, im finally travelling with my Climb group, this time for Baler, Aurora.

We left Pampanga at 6:30am, and are to meet around 46 other people in The town of Maria Aurora where we'll have lunch in one of the member's native residence.

headed to a member's ranch

We reached maria aurora at 11:40am. I was very tired of the trip and did not have an appetite for anything but cigarettes and more cigarettes. There was a bounty served, and a Generous coconut harvest.


my original climb group

Just few minutes after everyone's eaten, we set back to the road.

gigantic balete in balete park

trail within balete park, aurora
and there comes the view deck; balete park, aurora

I did not really ask about the itinerary, and the fact that i was going to surf, i was quite ok. I did not really have an idea of the road leading to Baler so I kept looking arpund especially that i's my first time there.

In less than half an hour, we reached a place called balete park. It's a humungous and certainly aged balete drive where tourists and literally get inside and climb from its veins -quite an experience.

Thereafter, we've set forth to the beach in brgy suklayin, baler, aurora.

headed to the ditumabo falls

everyone was good even just here

As we got there, which was probably around 4 or 5, i had nothing in mind but to try the surfing; so i told my friends of my plan, and got dressed, walked towards the board rental store and got my lesson.

basins along the way to ditumabo falls

odds of the trail to ditumabo falls

It took me 2 attempts to rise up the board on the wave. After that, i had barely cared about my instructor that I was everywhere and rode every current there was. After probably 10 successful rides, through that lesson though, my shoulders were beginning to weaken and i couldn't get my body up anymore; a little while later, it's class dismissed. Went back to the resort and digged for food; at half past 9pm, i was already asleep.

here you go, ditumabo falls, aurora

ditumabo falls, aurora

Six o clock the morning after, we set off for the dimatubo falls on a 6-wheeler truck; and of course, this rough ride is no better on topload.

About less than an hour from brgy sinuklayan, through the town of san luis, we reached the "jump off point" to the falls. There are some more members who are yet to arrive and so everyone else went for a swim. Meantime, me ang Mark thought to go ahead.

ditumabo falls, aurora

headed back from ditumabo falls in aurora

It took us less than 30 mins to get to the falls and several hours to leave; about 30 feet tall drop of pressure which mist's is all over.

highway heading to san luis, aurora

topload convenience
and who goes out of baler without surfing???

time to surf in baler, aurora

Surfing lessons were at 350 inclusive of gears. Taht was for 1 hour. After the lesson, should u want to surf more, it's 200 without the instructor. Rate is standard whichever shop.
Baler sumans were unique and delicious.
The slopes were of steep inclination.
There is no point of going to baler to swim if u don't surf. Fine dark sand and grayish water which is not uncommon for beaches with big waves.
Quite a rough road to the dimatubo falls. Thick slippers during trekking.sunblock not quite necessary as it is a canopy rainforest.

From Baler, you may head again to Casiguran, Aurora

You may also want to read another my travel guide for Baler.


  1. nakaka miss ang Ditumabo Falls at ang surfing sa Baler... woohoo!!! :)

    1. indeed.. parang gusto ko ngang tumira dun kahit mga 1 week lang eh.


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