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Calaguas Island, Camarines Norte

shot from the kubo

The trip that began from a forum and made 19 instant new travel friends

PEXers Calaguas

We scheduled this trip months ahead. There were supposed to be 32 of us in this trip but a few days before the scheduled departure, North Korea shot an impending disaster. Camarines, and generally Bicol, was put under a no fly no sail zone.

approaching calaguas

We did not bother about the warning, except that we weren’t sure whether we can get the boatman to get us there alongside the memorandum. Good thing, the notice was withdrawn hours before we are scheduled to leave. Everyone was all day waiting for the news.

our P300 accomodation next to the P300 rental tent in Calaguas Island

The Calaguas Island fine sand

Summer Place in San Jose, Florida Blanca, Pampanga

Summer Place in San Jose, Florida Blanca, Pampanga

While almost half of us withdrew their interest at the same time of the release of the warning, At 7:45pm, 19 of us showed up with thrill in Superlines Bus Station in Cubao.
water quality in Calaguas ISland


Day 0
7pm Meet up in Superlines Cubao. Took DAET Express leaving 7:45. Paid P515.00

7:45pm to 6am travel time cubao to paracale

Day 1
6-7am breakfast at a nearby carinderia. I paid P65 for a cup of coffee, egg, fried rice and 2 skinless longganisa. Meals are fairly priced. Hotdog/Egg at P10. Pancit at P10/half serving.

7-8:30am Went to the market for food supplies. Prices are probably the same price as manila though quality wise, for vegetables, seems like stocks have been on standby for days and days. Not so much selection too. Probably 3 vendors for red meat, 2 for fish, and a few for vegetables.  There was a refilling station at P50/5gallons. We did not have the container so we paid P200 deposit, and got it back upon return. We borrowed an ice chest from our boatman, mang nelson, and he asked for P100 for ice. The ice vendor is right next to the port.

9am Depart to Calaguas Island

10:30 am Arrival

Day 2

10am Depart Calaguas

11:30am Arrive in the port. Rinse (c/o Mang nelson’s relative’s house).
1:30 pm  Depart Paracale (Van to Daet for P60/pax).

2:30 pm  Arrive in SM Daet. Have Lunch
3:15 pm  Tricycle ride to Superlines bus station (Trike at P40; P10/pax)
5:30 pm depart DAET

2:00 am Arrive Cubao
lunchtime: boodle boodle in Calaguas Island

dinner serving

ready to leave calaguas island

Breakdown of expenses:

515 bus fare cubao to paracale via superlines

65 breakfast in Paracale
448 boat rent, per person (P8500/19)
167 contribution for the food and drinks
120 entrance and barangay fees
16 cottage (300/19 pax)
10 Rinse Water (from Pump in island)
60 van fare paracale to daet
105 lunch in Happy Choices SM DAET for 2 viands + 1 rice
360 bus fare daet to cubao via superlines airconary bus (ac bus but ordinary fare)

the P500/day hut accomodation in Calaguas Island

other white sand beaches around Calaguas Island for side trips

Some tips:

*For those who’ll run out of funds, there is one Rural Bank atm in the town center servicing Banknet, Expressnet and Megalink cards.

*I managed to get a contact for a better priced boat; Nilo Canesa 09214845150. Kindly say it’s a referral from Ian. He said he’ll accommodate P7000 for up to 20 persons. His boat  he said is also bigger.

*In case you’re coming in small groups, you can use smaller boats but it might not be that safe sailing. The waves could be really strong along the 1.5 – 2hr boat ride. Might as well wait until a bigger group comes and negotiate to share with them.

*make sure you have Bonamine available. A lot of the people in the bus were puking like it were a contest.

*While in the island, I bought buko’s from the caretaker at P25 each. There are also stores in the island with the following known prices: 8oz softdrinks: P10  GSM Blue/Emperador litro: P100  Marlboro lights: P40

*Those who sit in the boat rear shall be drier than those in front. Pick up the slack

*You can climb the rocks on the right side of the island facing the beach. Just make sure you will be on your sandals cause it’s quite rough of rocks. Snorking activity is zero unless you come close to these rock formations.

*For those without tents, you can rent P300 from the caretaker. On the other hand, there are hut accomodations at P500 good for up to three persons.

*Before reaching the island, you’ll come across several other islands of white sand beach like pulang daga, maculabo, etc; Might want to include these in the trip and during negotiation with the boatman. Behind the island of tinaga (or calaguas) are also other seemingly much better beaches. See google maps.
Superlines bus scheduled bound and coming from Daet

Superlines bus scheduled bound and coming from Daet


  1. when was this? baka pareho date lang tayo nagpunta o nauna ka

  2. ano pong difference nung 300 hut sa 500 hut accommodation? :)

  3. yung 300 kasi eh cottage lang... like table and chairs, see picture 4 on this article, unlike cottage P500 on picture 12 na may parang room for sleeping sa loob. It's a better option to renting a tent na P400 ata based from the people who went there after the week we did


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