Monday, September 11, 2023

Fundraising for Yaman Pawikan - PAWICARE San Narciso, Zambales

PAWIKAN LAYING EGG season is about to start and we need to build the hatchery very soon (target  date is Sunday 17 Sep 2023). This would have been the 5th year that I try to get involved to the capacity that I can with Pawicare rangers in their effort to sustain the turtle population in our seas. I've always aspired to getting them an uninterrupted funding for their needs annually, though that is yet in the works.

For the several years that they have been operating, there had been releasing joiners who had been looking for memorabilia and I've, for a time, been thinking of how to have a sellable (for their additional funding) craft that is not made by machine, or a blank template that is rather just labelled (such as these corporate promo items).

This past week, I had been crafting sellable-wearable souvenier for YAMAN PAWIKAN  guests and interested donors. As of yesterday, I was able to do a resin mix of ZAMBALES BLACK SAND and crushed leftover TURTLE EGG SHELLS -  (pls see pics and vids). 

Now, we're going to pre-sell the necklaces to come up with the needed funds for the hatchery.

There are 2 variants of the necklace. The flat one pre-sells at P160 and the more realistic 3D is P290. 

To order, please fill in this Pawicare Necklace Order including reference number for your payment. Pls dont forget to add P50 sa shipping to Luzon, P90 for Visayas and Mindanao 

As of 24 September, we started building the hatchery and moved to doing inventory of the equipment and paraphernalia needed to resume the 2023 season. 

Here are the list of items next to source:

10 December 2023

As of this date, we have already hatched and released 5 nests, and right now, I am working on generating funds for their Christmas party on December 28. We are continously selling the necklace, and we have also setup a booth in an event in Liwliwa, Zambales (looking forward to taking the 2 junior rangers to events like this so we can do face to face information dissemination and awareness.

Pawicare is a volunteer organization of fishermen who has realized that as much as we want fish, we need to take part in ensuring that tomorrow, our seas will still have fish. 

Formed in 2010 in Barangay La Paz, San Narciso, Zambales , it is formed by 14 Rangers (12 seniors, and 2 Young Adults). These men are divided into groups and schedules and walks nightly from around 8pm until about 4am along the 9km shoreline of San Narciso. The task is to spot nesting mother turtles and with careful handling, pick and move the eggs to the hatchery where they will be far from being poached, eaten by animals, infected by shore trash, etc.

This nesting season happens during the cold -ber months, and lasts until around February-March. Incubation takes about 50-60 days and so releasings may reach all the way to May. 

See this google sheet of the people who purchased and where allocation went. Some Receipts here.

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