Sunday, April 5, 2020

Covid-19 Quick Relief for Brgy Sto Nino, San Felipe Zambales

For a community whose economy rely hugely on tourism, the surprise implementation of community lockdowns amidst the Covid-19 pandemic, left everyone sitting over how to sustain living moving forward?

The government said that it will be providing subsidy, supposedly from the barangay level, from the municipality, and then from the national government. However, not all barangays may have enough necessary budget to sustain food provisions for its consituents; maybe not even one time distribution.

Almost 2 weeks have passed since the community lockdown, and I've heard that people in our barangay have not received any rations. Hence, I have called on friends who'd like to help out.

In about 12 hours, I have received P62,500 worth of cash donations thru BPI, Gcash and Paymaya.

We have called local vendors in town (San Felipe) immediately the following day but none of them have enough stock. They have complained that deliveries have been delayed. I have secured a travel pass from Pampanga, but was also equally advised that Olongapo city has been very strict (not counting that I will need to secure another travel pass in Bataan and another in Zambales).

I have called the San Felipe Zambales vendors again but there is still no stock, neither an idea of when they will have stocks. With the worry that the time is running, I decided to hand it over as cash instead. After all, beyond rice, sardines, and noodles, the people surely have other needs too, and giving them cash will be better off.

A total of 246 people received P250 each, total of P61,500.

A remaining balance of P1,000 is available for the next distribution in Sitio Mabato in Paeta, San Narciso once all funds needed are completed.

This google drive folder COVID-19 Sto Nino Felipe Zambales has the excel file of all donations and distributions done, along with the receipts from the purok leaders and recipients (though others are still pending received from the purok leaders. folder will be updated upon updates from the leaders.)

Thanks to everyone who has contstantly been sharing in the efforts.

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