Tuesday, November 3, 2015

How to go to Pantai Air Manis (surf beach) in Padang, West Sumatra,Indonesia

Most of the travellers I see in the beach have gone through a taxi, and as most local around have a motorbike and would most likely go to the beach with their family on a private transport, it is rare to find people who knows exactly how to commute to pantai air manis.

Nevertheless, if travelling with around 4 or more people, it might be worth it to take a cab instead to Air Manis. The rate should be between 50-60,000 rupiah though most cabs would normally ask a contract for 100,000 rupiahs. Should you decide to travel by cab indeed, take the Blue Bird taxi and get the driver to agree on meter. Then again, keep your eyes on the meter as there was also an instance where the driver himself offered the meter, but along the way, on the steep slopes, reset his meter and was asking for 100,000 when we arrived. We gave him 70K and just left.

There are also angkots (tiny public bus) from the city center (a terminal behind the old Balai Kota in Pasar Raya). These angkots are numbered 402 and goes on the following schedule:

Monday to Thursday, Saturday and Sunday: 6:30am, 8:00am, 9:00am, and 1:30pm. During fridays: 7:30, 9:30 and 1:30. There are also occasions when there is an additional angkot after this time, though rarely.

The fare from Pasar Raya to Pantai Air Manis is only 6,000 rupiah. There are 2 gates, but the driver will most likely drop you to the Malinkundang gate which is the entry to the surf shops.

In case you can’t make it to this schedule, you may take a blue angkot from Pasar Raya (in front of the old Balai Kota) and ask to be dropped in Mata Air. Fare to this junction is 4,000 rupiahs. From the junction, there will be Ojeks (motor taxis) to Pantai Air Manis. Fare in the Ojek is 15,000 rupiahs (don’t be fooled into paying 20,000). The road to the beach is pretty steep so keep your baggage minimal.

You may contact the ff Ojek driver in any case: 0853 42648402 (hardly speak english); Taufik (0819 4777 2336) a young kid (probably speak a few drops of english) who often takes me back to Mata Air. Once you are ready to leave the beach, give them a call so they can pick you up from your location. In case you look for an Ojek outside, it could be a challenge after 5pm, if not that they ask double. Taufik agrees on 15,000 to Mata Air. From Mata Air, same thing, there will be blue angkots that go back to Pasar Raya.

There are times when at 5pm, i catch an angkot back to Pasar Raya but this is rare. Besides, this time is the peak of the wave, so most likely, you will end up taking the Ojek. There is also an access from the Sitti Nurbaya bridge, but this is an extremely narrow, and even steeper road.

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