Monday, November 23, 2015

Cerebral Palsy Patient in Bunawan, Agusan del Sur needs help

A daughter of farmers who could only do so much, this 24 year old girl from Purok 2, San Marcos, Bunawan, Agusan del Sur needs attention. She contracted Cerebral Palsy 2 years ago and a friend's recent visit to Agusan, the family and concerned locals asked if we can help them source a wheelchair for the girl. Yet, we are not sure if she can use one. We have consulted a Cerebral Palsy NGO to check this, but still awaiting answer. Meanwhile, we also thought it's probably better to get her checked by a doctor as well, and take recommendations.

Right now, we are looking for anyone who can probably help us get her to and know a doctor nearby. 

Please let us know if you have any referral. 

update 01 December 2015
After some consultation with a few doctor friends, it seems a bed is more of what she needs rather than a wheelchair. Meantime, after some questions raised to some of her caretakers, it seems she has not been properly screened by a medical professional.

At the moment, we are trying to source a bed for her from local manufacturers, and if anyone knows a furniture shop with something similar to the picture below, please let me know.

Also, i am trying to see if any nurse or physical therapist around can visit her to check. We will appreciate volunteers, but if needed to be paid, let me know. If needed, as per recommendation from the nurse, we can arrange to bring her to a specialist.

picture taken online from a search of reclinable beds

Update January 22, 2016.
There was a friend from UAE who read the post and have pledged for the bed. We have been aiming to get it to her by christmas, but unfortunately, we were unable to find someone residing in the area to help us out. Then, we decided to advance the mattress and some clothes which we were able to deliver before new year.

As of this day though, brgy councilor from the area has helped source the bed and awaiting advice for the delivery. 

update as of January 29, 2016
the bed frame was finally delivered and exactly as requested. Thanks to the brgy Councilor Analyn who has helped us find a maker who would both custom make and deliver the bed. It was a lot of posting, a lot of chat to a lot of people, before finally getting to what we wanted for Rosemarie.

Again, thanks to the friend in Dubai, Mam Rowena Bulaon,a nd Councilor Analyn for all the help.

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