Wednesday, April 29, 2015

#SULOngSULU: Backpacks for the Patikul Kindergarten Students

After our renovation of the Tandu Dagmay Elementary School, we were asked to hold the distribution of the school supplies until the resumption of classes, so we can hand them straight to the kids. Everyone is just saying it might end up with people in favor of the one who will distribute it; the other party says the same to the other... frustrating.

The irresistible innocence of the kids stand for the hope there is for the future of SULU. It is a sad thought knowing these kids will end up in the same anarchy of their elders. They made me just want to complete it all; So, instead of just the classroom and their supplies, I thought about working on their backpacks too.

Currently, Ma'am Weng with Tropang Bangags and Ms Eula Faye Abdon have committed for several already, but we are looking to supply for 85 backpacks for the kids of Tandu Dagmay Primary School, as well as the kindergarten class of Patikul Higad Elementary School. Hopefully, getting a lot more so we can send for as many kids as possible in Patikul.

*Bag costing PHP100.00 (~US$2.25) around the Divisoria Market are more than enough. It's more about inspiring and reinforcing these kids to keep going to school.

Bags may be dropped off in the ff location:

CALOOCAN c/o Weng Bulaon
Neptune Celphone Accessories
3rd Floor, Caloocan Central Mall (a.k.a. North Mall; LRT Monumento Station northbound)
0925 755 5055

Hit Contact for any questions or concerns.

For Donations:

Bank Code: 010040018
Account Number: 2439 1558 52
Name on Account: Joseph Ian Macalino
Via Paypal 
Email Address:
Suggested in PHP currency to minimize devaluations. In third world, every cent counts J. Otherwise, USD will be fine. 


The bags were distributed last June 03, 2015 to 289 kids (207 from Patikul Higad Elementary School, and 82 from Tandu Dagmay Primary School.) Because of the Excess school supplies, I have asked the captain of Tandu Bagua to bring me to another school whom we can provide school supplies and i was brought to this elementary school.

While we initially intended to provide only for the kindergarten kids since this is all we have in excess, the principal have requested provision for up to grade 6. I told him I will try. Luckily, there are friends who were willing to help provide for the school supplies and backpacks of these kids.

Thanks to:
Kristina Alingalan
Dhey Argawanon
Dong Mangiliman
Mobcom Telecom in Caloocan
Rowena Bulaon
June Encina
Nene Del Rosario

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