Wednesday, April 29, 2015

A Quckie to the Passig Islet of Sta Cruz, Davao Del Sur

There's 3 more days to spare before my flight back to Manila from Davao, and I have no pre-arranged plans.

From General Santos, my plan was to do a daytrip to Balut island, taking the overnight ferry, and then take the other overnight ferry in the following evening back to General Santos. Then again, I've done renovations, and feeding, and I am honestly, a little exhausted. My bag has gone too heavy with all the dirt, and some goodies I bought in the provinces I have been. 

At the same time, I regret doing quick peeks into nice places. As I told myself before, there's no need to rush. I'd rather enjoy it at my first visit, than come back and not have the same awe and excitement I normally get if only I have enough time during a first visit.

Hence, I decided to check out the Passig islet instead.

The Passig Islet in Davao Del Sur is a man made island. It's actually a protrusion that is below sea level during high tide. I was told that sand from nearby were pulled by boats and dumped into this part to serve as a station for fisheries monitoring. The then governor thought of utilizing it as well into tourism for additional revenues.

From the highway, a short walk into the village and then the mangroves lead to the boat station. Boats are P20/head and leaves with 8 passengers. Since it was the afternoon of a monday, I bet there is nobody else coming, so paid the P160. 

I must say the tires are an eyesore to the look of the island; Looking from within the island though, the coconuts, and the sand give it a cool feel. But then again, the water on it's coast is just not for swimming. Overall, the island is good enough for a picnic hangout (especially it don't cost a lot to get there). Entrance charge in the island is P15. 

I was thinking of staying overnight, but looking closely at the cottages, they were not really maintained. I thought I'd rather stay in Digos city, and check out what life is like there. 

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