Thursday, March 6, 2014

Maldives on the cheap: Maafushi island food prices

Backpacking and budget travelling in Maldives seems quite novice. Back when we were planning our trips, we were having a hard time finding all the information we needed, One reason perhaps is that data connection don't seem to be that easy in the country, unless you are within the vicinity of your hotel/restaurant.

Meantime, while in maafushi island in maldives, i took some pictures of the menu of some of the restaurants, just so future budget travellers will have an idea of dining prices. Below are what i captured.

(I hope I remembered the restaurant names, just these are all just witthin the vicinity of the tourist beach in maafushi. Besides, maafushi is very small and not really that much of options/establishments)

standard conversion outside the airport is 15.42mvr to 1 usd. You may download the picture and zoom from the file.

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