Wednesday, March 26, 2014

An overnight in the town of Madella in Quirino Province

After my caving trip in Aglipay, I head straight to Madella to check out their falls. It's 4:30 in the afternoon, and as I read somewhere that the falls closes at 5pm, instead of forcing myself to catch the cut off, I decided to pacify my hunger first, and then just find somewhere to sleep, and enjoy my time in the falls, and around quirino the next day.

After some meal in the street stalls next to the market of the town, I looked for somewhere to saleep. I've come across one resort hotel just before reaching the town proper, confirmed that I can sleep in their dorrm room forr P200, but I was tipped that there's also a resort close to the falls (called Zamora Resort).

From the town, tricycle drivers were asking for P150 for a drop. Meantime, further asking led me to taking a P10 jeep to the turning point from the highway (to Brgy Dimatubo), and from there, take a P50 trike to the Resort. Then again, upon reaching Dimatubo, I asked and confirmed directions and it so happened that the person I asked is a relative of the resort caretakers. A service from the resort is coming to pick up a kid, and Said I can just hitch.

I reached that resort at about 8pm.

The breeze was blowing hard overlooking the lights of the province of the Quirino; Behind the pool is a moonlit white reflection of the limestone; I am excited to wake up and drool over the green ricefields below.

It was already 9am when I woke up, and I spent the next 3 hours sitting still, staring at the view, while sharing my travel stories with the Maribelle, the resort in charge.

At about noontime, I decided to pack and head to the falls. It so happened again that the same tricycle resort service is heading back to the highway, so I hitched again (and they even voluntarily dropped me to the falls itself; saving myself a 20minute walk).

Registered at my arrival and.. yeah.. asked for coffee. They grow and brew their own coffee.

According to the people I spoke there, there's about 8 falls all in all. There's a staircase that leads you up to drop no 4, but henceforward, it'll be kind of trekking.

On my way out, I thought I could just hitch as I did coming to the place. It wasn't so bad though as the the ricefields were just stunning, I had all the time to stare and take pics. 

Also, on my way to Isabela, I saw some people processing corn. I kept asking people I met in Madella where I can find one, and luckily, I happened to come across one on my way back to Dimatubo.

Just right after the encounter with corn millers and the rice field, a tricycle passed and gladly hitched me. :-)

Indeed, entry to the falls is not allowed after 5pm as it is already dark, and there are no lights in the vicinity. The Falls compound itself offer sleeper for P100/head (dorm type). Zamora Resort is P300/room per night (water in their pool by the way is coming fresh and freeflowing from the mountains).

For Zamora Resort, Contact Ms Maribelle for prior arrangements on 09076087909
For Madella Waterfalls, Contact Jun:09084005390 or Delfin 09494821283 (Oh! They have wifi in the falls by the way).

Globe is on 3G across Quirino. Smart is pathetic.

Thanks to mam maribelle by the way for the free lunch

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