Monday, April 28, 2014

Tambobong beach - my annual affair

It has been three consecutive years that I get to Tambobong beach every summer. I have opened this years summer starting february, and its already june and i have yet to find out where to fit tambobong in. The other thing is, tambobong beach catches all the rubbish fr the sea during rainy months.

This weekend, i was supposed to have my dive certification, but plans changed and I had to redirect. Tambobong then was my next top alternative.

Instead of taking the usual burgos/dasol dirt road, we were picked up from the bridge near dasol market by our host. I never really thought there was a delta that leads to tambobong. I was wondering how we'll boat from market and eventually tambobong, but it wasn't for me to worry.

From this route, we passed through the balinmalok wreck; So, even before getting to our host's residence, we thought about dropping by for the meantime.

It was quite lowtide and half of the wreck is over water. I also didn't see the same fish I've seen before.

It was already late in the afternoon when we got to brgy tambobong, so, we spent the rest of the day swimming and called the island hoping for the next day.

The morning after, i was surprised that there are a lot of people docked in the colibra island. After several years, this is the first time I (or my company) will be sharing the island with others.

I was also told that there are no more seasnakes nesting the island having been flocked by visitors. 

What's also ironic was that the visitors were rather locals or from nearby barangays which,  i'd say, weren't (as) keen about the island before; bottles here, wrappers there.. The island is obviously begging for some care and regard.

After colibra, we head next to cacupangan cave. Instead of docking close to the brgy, this time we docked right next to the opening of the cave. We passed by it's opening and we saw some nice cliff dive spots. Little did i know that there was a hole up where you can jump right inside the cave pool ;-).

We've also spotted schools of tiny fishes in the reef of the cave.

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