Monday, April 28, 2014

Paguriran Island, Bacon, Sorsogon

Its past 3pm, and it has been 17hours on the road so far. I swear i am not taking that Belleza ordinary bus to bicol anymore. My toes are swelling, and my ass is so sore.

From the terminal, we took a P10/head trike to savemore where we'll get the jeep bound for paguriran. 

We were on topload from sorsogon city to brgy sawanga. An hour and a half trip with about 2/3rds of the time used for loading and unloading passenger baggages. 

I didn't really expect the trip to take that long. As we drove closer to Paguriran, houses and vehicles  become rare prompting me to think about the timings of the return trip.

It was one of the great news of the day.. There are no more trips. There was really no more option though as we were already there, so i didn't even bother worry.

Meantime we hurried to take some pictures and get in the lake of the island. We swam around the lake but there wasn't really much in the scene especially it was almost dark.

It was lowtide so we did not really need a boat to get to the island. Besides, even if it were high tide, I think an average Filipino of I'd say 5'6" will make it by foot even of it were high tide.

A little while later, we walked back to the mainland and prepared to leave. One of the locals who we met there walked us through the concrete road to get us a habal service to sorsogon. Luckily, a guy agreed to servicing us for 2 Liters of crude plus 150. 

In 30 mins, we managed to get back to Sorsogon city. And, just right in time for another topload ride on an Irosin bound jeep.

How to go to Paguriran Island:
From Manila, make your way to Sorsogon City. From Sorsogon City, ask forthe jeeps going Bacon/Sawangan and ask to be dropped off in Paguriran

First trip from savemore in sorsogon is 5am.last trip from Paguriran to Sorsogon is 3pm

Fare is P44 per way.

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