Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Motyong Beach Resort | Casiguran, Aurora

From Casapsapan Beach, we drive next to Motyong Beach. I'd say the next more calm beach in Casiguran Aurora.

While the rented motortrike agreed a full day tour, he was already whining when he heard we wanted to go to Motyong. From Casapsapan, it took us more than an hour to get to Motyong.

The road was just as rough as going to casapsapan beach. We were struggling left and right between rocks which I suspect has fallen from delivery dump trucks because of the airport that's under construction.

We had to cross the runway to get to the other side going to motyong. 

our tricycle service in the aurora airport runway

There are currently no resorts in the beach, other than those hotels under construction near the airport. The sand is creamy brown, and unlike casapsapan beach and the rest of the other beaches in aurora, the water is very calm. If not for it's small opening to the casiguran sound, motyong would have been a lake.

motyong beach in casiguran, aurora

motyong beach in casiguran, aurora

We did not spot anyone bathing in the beach except for some doing net fishing and shell picking. I had to cross a channel which was about 3.5feet deep. According to the people there, the channel can go up to 5 to 6 feet during high tide.

While the rest of the group were busy swimming, I was feeling my stomach so I walked to the store in front and asked if I can make use of the households comfort room. They pointed me to the back where their makeshift toilet was. Those toilets where you squat and the bowl is excavated deep into the ground.

The lady of the house with her handicraft leisure; she makes bags out of candy/junk food wrappers

en route back to Motyong beach

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