Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Kaputian Beach | Samal Island, Davao

Kaputian Beach, Samal Island

From our isla reta, talicud island, davao day 1 adventure, we head next to Samal island where we'll take the bus instead to the city.

Compared to the coastal view of the sta cruz (talicud)-sta ana (davao) ferry, this island express bus route gives an inland view of the samal island.
From talicud island, we took the hourly pump boat to samal island. As we are only the 4th (5th, and 6th) passenger in the boat, we waited a few more before the boat left; close to half hour in the waiting. Instead of the regular 20, each passenger paid 30 to shoulder the available seats and leave ahead.

Ian Limbonis in Sta Cruz wharf headed to Kaputian in Samal Island, IGACOS

As you get to the middle of the 2 islands, waves tend to go stronger. You can also tell how deep it is down from the color of the water.

The boat drops right next to the beach. Sadly, some garbages are dumped right at the port, and next to the beach fence.

An old house next to the wharf and Kaputian Beach in Samal island, IGACOS

banana cue minus the oil. This is only where i've seen it done this way

As it was almost time for lunch, we sat by a carinderia; and, while granma and aunt were still finishing their meals, i took the time to view the beach.

From the entrance, there was a figure of the dugong (seacow). I ibitially thought of it rther as a pig roast (lechon). 

Towards the left are the accomodations, which were as cute as children's dollhouse; head on one wall, and feet on the other. Taller guys will have to bend sidewards while sleeping :-). 

Hut Accomodation in Kaputian Beach, Samal Island, IGACOS

The concrete rooms are rather more spacious. I am not sure though if they have the washrooms inside. The washrooms are on the opposite side of the vicinity, about 50m walk.

Big Cottages in Kaputian Beach, Samal Island, IGACOS

Just like in Talicud island, I'd say the waves aren't that safe for kids (or wanna be kids like me who braves the water even drunk, unlike the beaches of quezon and cebu). 

And since it is a public beach, it can go crowdy and noisy. Not that type where you'd like to get some peaceful solitary confinement.

The sand is great. In fact, even from approaching the port, you can tell how great the beach can be has it been maintained properly. 

The washrooms reminds you too how much you paid to for your entrance fee. 


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