Saturday, July 14, 2012

Trails of Limbonis

I was a vacationing OFW, and weeks passed, I felt so sucked up spending on drinking night by night; We’d drink up as early as 4pm, and go home as late as 9am the following morning with empty wallets.

Too fed up with the form of entertainment in the city, I thought I need something more fun than just spending my money over binge drinking (and puking it afterwards anyway).

Seeking no hangover alternatives, one day, my friend invited me for a hike to Mt. Tangisan in Tarlac together with her mountaineering group.  I was so delighted to get that view up there; The world from a different angle.

we didn't even have the proper gear during that first hike

Weeks later, I had been invited to Anawangin cove. I was so amazed  I went back the following weekend with my family.

Anawangin trip with my family in 2010

I asked my friends for some more other places we can get to, and just the week after my second Anawangin trip, we drove to Potipot island.

After uploading pics on Facebook, I had friends asking about my destinations; things like how to get there, how much I spent, where I checked in, etc; And feeling tired of individual chats, I thought about coming up with a short write up of these notes as a description in the albums.

By the trips I’ve already taken then, I realized how uninformed I was about my own country; I also realized I’m delimiting the information to just my fb friends. So, for the sake of others who are yet to discover these places, I thought about writing my own.

A pre-depart itinerary I've prepared before for our trip to South Luzon

 Thereafter, having been hooked to seeing my counry, I gave up the idea of working abroad; I thought I'm missing on a lot, and there's no better time to explore than when I am young. I looked for local employment; When asked about why I want the job, I outrightly mention, “to fund my travels”. (I am not even interested with overseas destination; perhaps unless I have nowhere else to go in the Philippines).

The more that I see the mountains, the beaches, the falls, rock formations, caves, rivers, lakes, the more that it pushes me to getting into the most remote corners of my country. And with the hopes that I can get more of our countrymen see our own (and perhaps from seeing it’s beauty, make them more conscious of our environment) I try as much to (at least some where I’ll have the energy) write on the trips I take.

Pushing forward, went to some trips with WorldBehindMyWall; met LakadPilipinas and Juanderful pinoy in a ferry to camotes island; Each of them making me realize on what I can get out of a passion.

Yes, i don’t have that gift in writing; I don’t have an eye for photography, not even a good camera to get a good picture. Nevertheless, I don’t have a panel to tell me I don’t have the right to write. So, here I am,  dumping my crap on

For those who ask, In Pampanga, the province where I hail from, Limbon is actually a term for procession, or movement of person to another place, and also a verb for “going somewhere.” When being referred to as limbonis, it’s a sarcasm for someone who keeps roaming around. 

This is my entry to Pinoy Travel Bloggers’ Blog Carnival themed The Journey That Made Us a Travel Blogger this month of July 2012.
Edmar Gu-Quibb of Edmaration hosts this month’s blog carnival.


  1. you have to buy a new shoes na :)

    1. lolz.. 2010 pa yun sir. tsaka, ok na ang sandals, may pambili lang ng ticket.. hehe

  2. I remember my first hike at the Pundaquit mountains , I was not prepared for the hike too. Nasira si Chucks ko pero it was a memorable trip. Btw I was gonna ask you about the meaning of Limbonis yun pala yun. I am glad to meet another wanderlust on the road. Kita kits sa Mata!

  3. From torn Nike sneakers to hardcore mountaineering gear! Glad you chose the Philippines :)

    1. sabi ko nga, the more I travel around, the more I realize, indeed, it's more fun in the Philippines :-)

  4. Your blog is not a dump site of your crap. This is where you store your treasure. More travels to you, Ian!

  5. Ian, I commend you for that courage to leave opportunities abroad just to explore your homeland. The passion and the spirit is there, so genuine... I love this entry and with this comment section, I extend my gratitude for joining this blog carnival and in having your blog carnival debut for this edition. It is my honor, a pleasure :)

    1. never been more proud to be a Filipino than when I began to see the rest of the archipelago...

      thanks for hosting the carnival.. the topic was too interesting to resist :-)

  6. By travelling we truly appreciate being alive more. This blog is your treasure. happy travels!


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