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Island Hopping, Bar Hopping: Bacolod to Ilo-Ilo

The RUINS in Bacolod City
It was late when I’ve come to find out how far the Silay airport is from the city. The initial plan was to stay in a pension house somewhere in Bacolod for the night, and head back on the road the earliest possible time the following day. And, honestly, even when I got to Bacolod, I still am not sure whether to head over to towards Ilo Ilo for Guimaras, or southbound, towards Dumaguete. Not sure what happened lately such that I lost appetite of researching destinations.

Given that we may not have transpo from the airport to the city, my friend has contacted her colleague Suzette to pick us up from the airport. She has also offered her house for the stay. Whewww... savings, savings, savings.

the highlight of the trip: chicken inasal in Manokan Country in Bacolody City

From the airport, since we were complaining of starvation, we asked to be driven to the Manokan Country.  Whereas, I always told myself, the highlight of this trip will be to have authentic Bacolod inasal, hence forward, I am accomplished J Yay!. And, god knows how I wished I can have a second round of that chicken, if only they could cook it faster. It took us 30 mins to get it served, and we just can’t wait another 30 mins to have another.

Suzette was kind of excited to tour us around, and since they are medical representatives, they know where to have socials ( and I will admit, this is not in my itinerary, and don’t even have shoes nor pants with me). We were brought to ICE in Mangaldan, where I was, by force majeure, made to fit my feet in my friends 1-inch less rubber shoes. I remember I had to change clothes twice because my attire was just totally odd to match the shoes.

the performers in ICE in Mangaldan, Bacolod City (we're obviously the early birds)

It was already past 2am when we left.
The morning after, or shall I say, noon after, we were quite late for out Guimaras trip.
After a quick breakfast, we head straight to Bacolod port, and luckily, the (weesam) ferry is leaving in about 10 minutes (saving ourselves the “bore”ding time).

Fares from Bacolod to Ilo Ilo and vice versa for Weesam Express; as of June 2012

RORO Schedule; Bacolod to Ilo Ilo and vv
Weesam Express Ferry Schedule; Bacolod-Ilo Ilo and vv

Inside the Weesam Express economy class cabin; From Bacolod to Ilo Ilo

When we got to Ilo-ilo, another friend, Je-han, is again to meet us; Again, another medical representative. We drove to Ocean City, where food was relatively affordable (but I would really have preferred carinderia then; I just couldn’t suggest as she might not really be the type who eats just everywhere).
After that late lunch, we were dropped in Buena Vista/Parola for the boatride to Guimaras. See post for our Guimaras Trip here.

From Guimaras, we were again picked up in Parola by the Ilo Ilo Med rep friend. We asked to head home first to wash and clean up. By then I was really hoping we could at least get to Miag Ao church. Then again, before I could even politely ask about the church, Je-han said we’ll head to the bars to meet the other med reps...Ooops. here we go again.

So, there we were. We went to Smallville and walked around to survey where we can have dinner. The settlement was made in Pirates.

Some minutes after we finished dinner, the other friends were already phoning. From there, we transferred to another bar and spent the rest of the night. It was past 2 am when we left.

Again, it was late when we woke up and consequently, arrived late in Bacolod.

From the sea port, we head straight to the RUINS. It kind of feel awkward, to my thinking that we are lost, that we are driving towards a village, which later heads to a cane plantation. I also thought that it was just an abandoned structure. There was also a coffee shop, and some illustrations of the concerts held in the building.

the garden inside the RUINS in Bacolod City

Halls in RUINS in Bacolod City

the walls in RUINS in Bacolod City

We bored ourself well in the RUINS since there was nothing much to do other than to see, and take pictures. We headed next to Mambukal.

getting closer to Mt Kanlaon where Mambukal Resort is

In Mambukal, luckily, we still made it to the 7 falls. I think it took us even less than an hour to get to these 7 falls. Each falls is rather 2-4 mins away from each other. Besides, you can only swim from falls 4 onwards. Not sure what the issue with the first 3 falls is.
From the last falls, we took a habal service back to the Mambukal resort. It was P50/head and a very very rough 15 min ride down.

trekking; closer to falls 1 in Mambukal Resort within Mt Kanlaon in Bacolod City

falls 1 in Mambukal Resort within Mt Kanlaon in Bacolod City

falls 2 in Mambukal Resort within Mt Kanlaon in Bacolod City

falls 3 in Mambukal Resort within Mt Kanlaon in Bacolod City

some more falls in Mambukal Resort in Mt Kanlaon in Bacolod City; I don't know whether this is already 5, 6, or what have they; it seems like every mini drop is a fall;

Within Falls 6 in Mambukal Resort within Mt Kanlaon in Bacolod City 

After Mambukal, Suzette said we’ll hit the bars again, since it’s a Saturday. My friend will be wearing her rubber shoes, so, I had no choice but to go seek alternative. I asked that we go to SM department store first and I’ll scout some less than P300 peso shoes which I did from those on SALE.

Thereafter, we head to Chicken House for Dinner, then went home to clean up; Gone to Siberia til half past 12mn, then ICE again in Mangaldan, where, at about 2:30am, I was already dancing in the ledge until 4am. I couldn’t count what and how many drinks I had that time. I thought i’d rather enjoy my time rather than whine at what I missed in that trip. I was accomplished at that though. I was throwing up before we left ICE. From ICE, head straight to the airport for our 5:55am flight; Threw up again in Bacolod airport, and again in NAIA3. My friend had to wake me up during boarding, take off, touch down, etc.

Night 1:
8:07 PM                Arrived in Bacolod Silay Airport; Picked up by host
8:48 PM                Arrive in Manokan Country for dinner
9:46 PM                Leave Manokan Country
10:17 PM             Arrive in Ice Mangaldan for drinks

Day 1:
11:15 AM             Arrive in Port bound for Ilo Ilo
11:30 AM             Depart Bacolod Port
1:27 PM                Arrive in Ilo Ilo (Parola) Port; Picked up by host
1:45 PM                Arrive in Ocean City in City Proper for Lunch
2:27 PM                Depart Ocean City
2:52 PM                Back in Parola Port for Guimaras. See post for our Guimaras Trip here.
3:05 PM                Boat leaves Parola Port
3:20 PM                Guimaras (Jordan/ said: Hordan) Port; Take trike cab to destinations
3:55 PM                Arrive in Trappist Abbey;
4:10 PM                Leave Trappist Abbey
4:15 PM                Arrive Mango Plantation
4:17 PM                Leave Plantation
4:27 PM                Arrive in Nueva Valencia
4:43 PM                Arrive in Raymen Beach Resort
5:30 PM                Depart Raymen Beach Resort
5:53 PM                Drop by in a Cozy Restaurant along the hi-way for Batchoy
6:05 PM                Back on the road
6:20 PM                Buy Mango
6:46 PM                Arrive back in Jordan Port

Day 2:
12:16 PM             Parola Port (Bound for Bacolod)
12:40 PM             Depart Ilo Ilo Port
1:53 PM                Arrive in Bacolod Port
2:29 PM                Arrive in RUINS
3:11 PM                Depart RUINS; head to Mambukal
4:33 PM                Arrive in Mambukal; Trekk to Falls

*There are cheaper P60 RORO trips to Ilo-ilo from Bacolod, however, this goes to a remote town in Ilo-ilo that will require another 1 hour travel to the port. I would have not minded about the extra 1 hour travel had I known about this the night before. They have trips until 11pm from Bacolod; And I would have enjoyed the extra 1 hour ride tour of the remote town.
*For those who’d like to contact Kuya Dodeng for pre-arranged trike service, you can call the tourism desk and ask to be transferred:  0948 152 3629 or 0948 532 8292. In case the tourism desk offers other trike drivers, insist that you have been recommended to Kuya Dodeng.  Alternatively, you may also contact him through this no: 0927 570 7185 (owner of the motorcycle to whom he pays his boundary).
*for the jeepney service in Guimaras, from Jordan port, take the jeeps bound for Nueva Valencia and get off in Crossing. Fare is P40/head. From Crossing, take a trike to Alubihod, Fare is P30/trip. Jeep ride will take more than an hour as it will fill from stop to stop. 

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