Monday, January 23, 2012

Mt Pico De Loro

It was 2:20 when we reached the jump off point, after the registration at the DENR office, which is about 50m past. From there, less than 30mins after, we reached base camp 1. 

waiting for a trike service who'd agree on a P150 one way service to the jump off (none came. P200 being very good already)

Having looked at the location of base 1 camp and the campsite on google maps, i was so easy about the time. We took certainly more than 30 minutes at base camp 1: used the toilet, made coffee, and smoked plenty. When another group of 6 arrived, we decided to leave. I was quite confident about the climb because I've read that the trail is clear which from that point seems indeed. 

pico de loro base camp 1

We met several groups along who constantly advised us how much time further it'll take us to get to the camp. From the base 1 camp, it was an easy stride and glide. But after about 30 minutes from there, the trail becomes steep and quite rocky rough. Bush alao becomes thicker. It was quite like the last hour of the arayat (banyo) trail. Since I had to wait for my friend, i'd constantly look back to see that see's just along. At that point when we reached the peaked, what I and her didn't notice was a wooden arrow pointing left. 

further past base camp 1

We went straight, and though it feels strange that we had to descend from the peak to reach the camp, i thought it was perhaps the way to get to another peak; so, we just went ahead. It was a straight descend all the while until it has almost taken us an hour and we were halfway downhill, i guess. That's the time I finally said we're probably on the wrong way. A little descend was normal, but to reachsuch point was clearly strange. Likewise, the trail was getting unclear as we progress. It was impossible that with that much people we met along, trail wouldn't be tht obvious. Since then..i'd say my adrenaline was up. It was almost 6pm, verydark, and the bush was just so thick there's no way to tell which point we're in. We were yelling, and we hear some people yelling too but no one seems to approach. 

jungle log??

Walking back further, we've gotten back to a wilkin's trash. I clearly noticed that trash a moment back. I am kind of irritated about rubbish on the moubtain and that's what made me pay attention to it. Then, i got puzzled how we quickly got back to that trash when we had been walking almost for almost an hour since we spotted it the first time. It wa very strange. That's when i had to practice the conventional belief..turning my shirt over. 

odds of the pico de loro trail

We didi it quickly and just a little while, we say the arrow pointing left right at the peak. We were asking ourswlves how we missed that arrow. Perhaps because we had to be looking down at what were stepping on; perhaps, i must haved looked back at my friend from that point, whatever it is, thank God, that led us to the camp and we got to site at almost 7. 

pico de loro trail: just like that of tarak

finally reaching pico de loro camp

We woke up at 5am, made Breakfast. Right after, we made the summit trip. It was quite windy and foggy. From the summit we could see 2 people up in the parrot peak. I also some going down to the peak from the i thought i can make it. 

I'd say a fifth of the total no of campers

Going down itself was nerve wrecking as it was quite steep facing a ridge. I've made it tote back of the peak but from there..i had to pull it back. I was having a hard time stepping up with that rtw shorts i was wearing. So, i just went back to the summit then back to the camp. The influx of mountaineers was also constant. Had coffee again then packed up an left.

getting off from the summit to the pico de loro peak

Because of the incident the night before, i had my camera ready to take picture of that brown arrow that points to the left towards the campsite. Surprisingly, we missed it again and I was puzzled how quickly we got to one point Be mindful of the signs. If someone can paint them with a bright color would help i guess. 

from summit back down to camp

view of pico de loro summit near camp

ready to leave pico de loro

Since it was a wood and had the same color as the bush, thats probably one reason we missed it. And i was correct, walking further straight past that arrow leads either to nasugbu or maragondon.

en route back to pico de loro base camp 1


  1. hi, i am planning to hike this coming saturday but still not sure. id like to ask if we can easily follow the trail up to the summit? im planning not to hire a tour guide.

    you can please email me
    thank you

  2. can't really tell.. based from what i experienced, be warry of that small arrow pointing to the left. it will be as soon as you get to the summit of the first mountain you'll hike..before heading down to the trail that leads to nasugbu. i'd suggest you go with someone who's done it before


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