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Cagbalete Island, Mauban, Quezon

Cagbalete Island

I almost had my most frustrating weekend because of alibajaban island in san andres quezon. I thin this is the day that it'll finally mark to me not to trust how distances could deceive on google maps. After our dive in anilao, since i was already in batangas, and had nothing fixed for sunday, travel list was again my buddy.

"NENENG" about to dock in wharf; to pickup passengers bound for Cagbalete Island

I have a scheduled trip for marinduque and alibajaban island for feb 25-26. But then, i am in complete anticipation of awe for marinduque, so i thought i'd just spend those 2 days in Marinduque, and take alibajaban island in san andres quezon today (in total excitement as I'll finally get there, after 2 years of waiting).

walking under sunshine in Cagbalete island

So, right after our dive in Anilao, I asked that I be dropped off in Batangas city where I'd catch a bus going to lucena. From there, either I sleep and wait for the 1st trip the next day, or if I catch the last trip, head straight to San Andres. I had my tent with me and I was ready to set it up on any vacant 1x1.5m soil.

right side of cagbalete island

I asked to be dropped in the roundabout along balagtas, but a friend was claiming a new terminal has been setup  along diversion road where the buses heading to Lucena takes a short stop. When we got there, i asked if that's so the case, and someobe affirmed though he wasn't sure about the arrival of the bus. Then again, i cant keep the car and my friends waiting so I said I'll manage from there.

fine white sand of cagbalete island

While waiting for the bus, I did some consultation, and the next person i happen to ask is a crew of the next bus that will ply batangas-lucena. The only thing is, it's goingto be the morning after at 6.

fallen trees adding more view to cagbalete island

Since I don't really have that much time, i can't really rely on his advise. I asked for alternatives and what i was told was to catch a SUPREME bus in ther terminal in BAYAN. The instruction was to take a trike(P20) from the terminal to Balagtas, and from there, take a jeep to bayan. I was surprised that the jeep terminal in Balagtas is actually in the roundabout where i initially thought about getting off. But there was nothing but regrets. Took the jeep, and by the time i got to the terminal, the bus has left. I asked a trike driver if he can catch it and he said i hopped in.

Along the chase, gr the second time, we came across the same roundabout. Darn it! My instinct is perhaps my perfect gift. Should've listened to it. It was only after the t-junction going to ibaan that we caught the bus (though i feel the driver wa purposely delaying it so he can charge me more).

off from the sun

The bus (P107; ordinary) was jam packed and I had to stand. It was fine as the more rough it is..the higher the adventure rating. It was already in San Juan where I got to sit.

It was half past 9:30 when we got to their drop off point. I had to take 2 more jeepneys (1 going to Bayan, and from the junction with a mcdo alds, another one going to Grand terminal) to get to the grand termi al where i'd get the bus to san andres. Everyobe i asked along said i can get the last trip at 11pm, so i've been so relaxed. I got to the terminal around 10pm. Last bus is gone and next one is by 6am. And from the initial 3 hours That I was told, it's now 4-5hrs. I thought it was still ok. I can just cut short of my stay, so long as i get there.

ian limbonis in cagbalete island

There is a bar next to the terminal called central park. I had 2 colt 45s at P35 each, then went back tote terminal. When I got there, there are already some passengers waiting for the 1st trip. I asked again, and now, it's 7-8 hours. Trouble trouble trouble while im kinda tipsy. I looked for a stretched bench and did some analysis; but my brain's kinda intoxicated already, til i realized, it's 5am. I fell asleep.

The first thing that came to mind was 'what do i do now?' it's far more frustrating to just go back home after all that effort and money. I was thinking about doing Marinduque, but i'd surely not have enough time for all that it has to offer; and, if i don't get to them all, i'll have to go back another time, which doubles the cost.

Thank God cagbalete came to mind. I asked for bus times in Mauban.

I had known Cagbalete island for more than 2 years with the same no of attempts for visit.

I must also say, we lost appetite for quezon beaches after our disappointment with the waters in borawan and dampalitan. Til that time, i've never really initiated a plan for any quezon beach.

It's almost 6am, had my coffee, done with shower IN THE TERMINAL ITSELF for P10, the first bus to mauban leaves at 6:00am. Luckily, the front seats of this world war II bus are vacant...the best seat for first time visits.

We got to Mauban by around 7:30. Had some food as i've been starving even the past night. I hadnt have the time to even eat as I was chasing transport times. After the delicious dinuguan, and home baked puto, i went back to the pier.

There I met ate Ellen who, unlike the other people i've asked around quezon, has been so prompt and accomodating with my questions. She's come from pasig and for holidays in her hometown for a week.

returning to the port in cagbalete island

At 9am, we spotted the boat that is about to take us to cagbalete. Then again, though it arrived a few minutes past 9, it was already 10:49 when it left. It waited for the boat to fill up.

It was an hour boat to reach the port in the island. From afar, you could see the whiteness of the sand over the right and a few random portions on the left. Meantime, the community was at the center, and houses are too close to each other. I have expected to see some garbage and unclear water from the port. Totally the opposite. I wouldn't mind swimming from the port itself.

ian limbonis in cagbalete island

I couldnt waste any time. Bus leaves at 1 o'clock so i basically have only an hour to tour the place. I've asked ate Ellen if she could get some kid to walk me thru and she gladly did. We fetched a Kid named Rey, who, though still very young, was her cousin.

flat boat which is used to transport passengers to the big boat. It's around 50m shallow waters from the shore of cagbalete island

She had given rey the perfect instructions, including that we need to get around and see the beaches within 1 hour. Rey had been so obedient he doesn't even look back to check if i fell away.

Anyhow, the sand, water, and wide pacific ocean was awesome. It gives an interesting clear backdrop for pictures.

overloaded paddle boat to the bigger boat in cagbalete island

Walking further, trying to get to villa cereos, i realized there won't be much difference between what i'm seeing and whats ahead. I might use the time to dip and feel the water.

--added notes
There are only 2 schedules for the boats. First, between 9 and 11 am, and the other at 2pm. From cagbalete, first bus leaves 8am. 2 boats that ply mauban-cagbalete: One named Neneng and another named Anthony. They leave and arrive at the same time. And since i was having a hard time fitting the things i want to do with the boat schedules, and getting frustrated with waiting for the bus to fill up, i had to ask why the 2 boats (each with 40 person capacity) have to go always together. According to Aling Ellen, they are competitors and in literal definition. They coukd be very frustrating too about their timings. If it fills fast, it leaves rightaway. And if it fills late, you could be waiting forever. They may also opt to cancel one specific schedule.

coconut trees are a vast in cagbalete island


  1. i've been hearing a lot about this island... but unfortunately, I haven't been there... sana soon! ang ganda pala talaga dyan...

    by the way, thanks for adding me on your blog roll... :)

  2. Yup..ang ganda ng sand. Para syang pinalawak na potipot island..

    (about d blogroll)syempre naman, u got great itineraries..

  3. kaka-disappoint borawan 'no? i've seen some beaches in my mom's native place of infanta, quezon and there was nothing much I remember as amazing. may nakita ako online about jomalig and a few posts about polilio buti naman. cagbalete island is something i can schedule soon. salamat sa post.


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