Sunday, July 3, 2016

School Supply distribution in Island Brgy Sila, San Vicente, Northern Samar

kids in brgy sila, san vicente, northern samar

We have 500 bags ready for distribution to schools in Patikul, Sulu and I've come home from my study in Indonesia just for this distribution. We don't have clear chance of being able to deliver on time, and the bags are also awaiting delivery. Our provision is in fact for more than 500 students, but we don't want to purchase anymore, just yet, while we are still unclear of the logistics part.

Meantime, i remembered about my last visit in Brgy Sila, San Vicente, Samar, the island captain has informed me that they have only less than 100 students in the brgy, and the situation is a little similar to that of Sulu. Some teachers have to share the task of several grade levels under 1 instruction and 1 room.

I thought, since we had excess provisions, we might as well give to this marginalized area as well. I have called the village captain, and great timing indeed, he said it will be their island fiesta.

It was already vacation season, approaching election, and as expected, buses are fully booked. We had to take chances on extra trips from bus companies in Cubao Terminal. Luckily, we got a bus to Legazpi city, from where we transferred to a van going to Bulan, and from there a boat going to Brgy Sila. It was a travel forever for my friends, especially to 2 who have come all the way from Baguio City.

brgy sila, san vicente, northern samar

brgy sila, san vicente, northern samar

kids in brgy sila, san vicente, northern samar

kids in the elementary school of brgy sila, san vicente, northern samar

kids of the elementary school in brgy sila, san vicente, northern samar

It was quite easy distributing to this island. The captain had good contacts with the teachers who in turn knew their head counts by heart. In fact, during the distribution, they also had the list available so called each student one by one. 

After the distribution, we took the extra time to take the friends around the beautiful islands of Brgy Sila, and after, were served with local seafood.

In the evening, we were called to attend the barangay celebration, and was pulled to the dancing as well. :-)

pink beach in brgy sila, san vicente, northern samar

abundant seafood in brgy sila, san vicente, northern samar

sayawan in brgy sila, san vicente, northern samar

boat back to Bulan Port from Brgy Sila, San Vicente

sleeping in the Naga bus station awaiting the morning for the bus forward

For those who'd be interested in conducting an outreach program for the kids, please pm for the list of the students and contact numbers of the school staff. 

For information on how to go to pink beach or brgy sila, san vicente, northern samar, please visit this link

To see other interesting places in San Vicente, Samar, see this one.

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