Saturday, March 26, 2016

ASIAN Moviefest in Universitas Andalas, Padang, West Sumatra

Part of what I have learned out of my travelling these past 2 years is extracting the value of things to their utmost usage.
Not working for 2 years, and going through emptiness in remote places made me quite conservative in my use of resources. This, I can't elaborate further to the understanding of people of the cities living by the concept of capitalism and consumption: the more you consume, the better for the economy and surely... the worst for our environment and for other people if not for ourselves too.

Anyhow, apart from the USED school supplies that we are running for the #SULOngSULU drive, this time around, I thought about the books that are left hanging at our homes after being used in school, or basically, just after reading. Just imagine how much more that book could be on use if only they are shared. How many more people it could motivate.

For a while, I had been looking for small libraries around Sumatra Barat whom I can probably come up with a book donation drive, but it was not until lately, when we were on holidays in school, that I found one. Nonetheless, it is not in Sumatera Barat, but in Pangkal Pinang, Bangka Island.

I was thinking of a more motivating way to get them pick up their books and throw to us, rather than just asking, which, not all people would dare care about.

Likewise, I was hoping for an activity that will contribute to Asian solidarity, culture exchange and acquiantance, and this is when I thought about making use of Film. By any means, film is the best way to show an entity's psyche and a culture. So, for this, we had some films made and/or about countries in asia: Philippines, Thailand, Vietnam, Cambodia, China, South Korea, and Indonesia.

The films will run for a week, with each movie taking 2 screenings. Ticket for entry will be in the form of USED published books.The films will be screened in Gedung I on April 11-15, 2016.

I'm looking forward to re-doing this event elsewhere.

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