Thursday, January 28, 2016

The Climb to Dalil Waterfall in Pangkal Pinang, Bangka Belitung islands

This group of outdoor buddies from Pangkal Pinang, mostly couchsur fers, had a plan to go to this newly opened waterfall in the Dalil Village and just right in time to my arrival, I was invited to join.

This waterfall is located about 30kms outside of the city of Pangkal Pinang en route to Mentok just before reaching the Desa Kelapa.

I was picked up from my hostel about 7 in the morning, and all of us met in the junction from Sungai Liat where others will be coming from. We went through a palm plantation with slippery clay dirt road. At about 8:30 we were in the jump off point in the village.

We managed to drive the motorbike all the way to the first river just before a paddy and the foot of the hill. Some others, as we see on the way down, managed to bring it inside the forest even, right on the foothill. 

It was a short less than 1 hour trek all in all. There are several waterfalls, first one being scenic facing it, and the next one, being the more inviting pool with a shade overlooking the land below. 

From there, there are several more other waterfalls, with some having deeper pools than the rest. We, along with our guides, tried tracing it up but a lot in the path is still wild, so we decided to come back. 

The only way to get to this waterfall is by motorbike. If there is no chance, take the public bus and get off at the highway in Desa Dalil. From there, probably, ask around for someone who can service you to the jumpoff. If coming from Mentok, the bus fare shall be around 30, and from Pangkal Pinang, it shall between 10-15. 

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