Tuesday, December 22, 2015

Pushing to Jump start a Taxi in Pekanbaru

The most memorable thing that happened in Riau: Today, i strolled around the city. I let myself rot in a resto around Jalan Sudirman. It was a comfortable, breezy, cozy and cheap restaurant by that. 
By the time I was about to go home (9pm) buses are off, and so as angkots. There are ojeks (motor taxis) who ask for the same rate as almost the taxi. Plus, with the offered discount on the GrabTaxi Indonesia app, it will be probably less.
Then i thought, if i'll have to take the cab anyway, i might as well take some walk around the city until late and tired, and take the taxi from that point where it will be closer and cheaper. 

After some 7kms walking continously in Jalan Sudirman, a taxi driver called my attention. His car need a push, and he has been attempting to push it lone, but wont work. Bapa calls me for help.

Adu! While he was comfortably but humbly embarrased sittin and steering in the driver's seat, I was pushing a car in the middle of the night, at a big highway. Ya'allaahhh! 

I loved it really! Strange, awkward bus certainly memorable travel moment. 

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