Friday, June 12, 2015

Quick play in Malita, Davao Occidental

Davao occidental, being a young 2 year old newly declared province and still awaiting plebicit, will be my last province to visit for the completion of my #PHL81 (The Philippine travelling community hashtag for visiting the whole 81 province set of the country). It is so young that they have yet to change all their labels from davao del sur to davao occidental on buildings, and other markers. There is not even a capitol building for the province yet.

The province is formed of 5 municipalities, namely (north to south), Sta Maria, Malita, San Marcelino,  Jose Abad Santos, and Saranggani (not to be confused with another province of the same name).

Back when it was still Davao del sur, travellers opt to explore the other more convenient towns of this province. Blogs and travellers have not uncovered much in this area just yet, and I am glad to have met and been hosted by someone who seemed to be quite into outdoors to have explored his province. In fact, his friend owns an outdoor shop in the city.  Nonetheless, now that it is a province on its own, it will have its turn in being explored by curious backpackers.

Inasmuch as i’d like to explore this province though, for this visit, i don’t have much time really. My goal this time was rather just seeing the town, stepping foot at it, and so I could complete my #PHL81 quest. 
Thank goodness there was this IloveMalita site with a mobile number contact whom I called to ask info, and nailed off my trip. Site owner refereed me to Owen, a resident of Malita, staff of the Office of the mayor, and a person into outdoors himself. After meeting Owen, somehow, i had a mini itinerary.

As soon as I was picked up from town center, Owen and friends took me to the surfing sites, since I have been talking about surfing. The following day, we brought the surf and skim boards to Liwas beach to try. Unfortunately, none of the 3 boards is a long board, and I have not been trained enough for short boards. It was also solid reef down there such that I got stung several times; hence, I decided to try skim board instead.

A coal plant in Malita, Davao Occidental

the under construction port in malita, davao occidental

the beach in malita, davao occidental

kids skimboarding at the beach in malita, davao occidental

kids skimboarding at the beach in malita, davao occidental

kids skimboarding at the beach in malita, davao occidental

The beach in malita, davao occidental

I wanted to see the dugongs too, but I was told they normally show up in the afternoon, and I have to be leaving at noontime to start the travel to SULU where I will distribute the backpacks and school supplies to the schools there.
Other than Liwas, besang is another surf beach in Malita. Compared to Liwas, it is a beach break. It is also said to be where the first surfer of the town, an australian, went to play.

In case you plan to visit Malita, shoot and sms to Owen (0907 154 2361) and (0907-154-2361) so they can give you more info about the places to see.

I am raising funds (T-shirt sales) to buy the community 4-8 surfboards for public use of kids. As there are no surf shops in the area, your shirt entitles you for free use of the boards too. In case you have a used surfboard that you'd like to donate, please let me know

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