Sunday, May 31, 2015

Budget Backpacker Accomodation: Where I stayed in Kep, Cambodia

Where I stayed in Kep, Cambodia

The plan was actually to stay with a local family, but one of the host family's relative interfered, so I had to stay at a guesthouse.

Sinan, the supposed host family's son, drove me to the town to look for accomodation; I went for the cheapest one I found on the lonely planet book, which is Kukuluku Guesthouse for $5/night in their dorm.

The dorms beds weren't bunk, and were really wide enough to fit two. 

When I arrived, there were 2 other girls, from Switzerland who were checked in, and according to them, they negotiated for $3.50/person for two persons in one of the dorm beds.

Their dorm beds have mosquito nets, and the room is on the second floor of the building thats fronting the beach; Thus, it was quite cool in the dorm room.

They also have a desktop computer in the room for use by guests (only thing is in french, so if you don't understand french, you'll have to rely on your recall of the positions of the proper buttons to click on).

They also have a mini pool in the vicinity, billiards, and a gazebo right next to the shore.

Then again, Kep is not really a swimming beach, so shore don't really add so much value to your stay, except that exact feel of staying next to the beach.

For cheap food, there aren't much establishments in this province of Cambodia. The nearest local restaurant is probably a kilometer away, where you'd get fried rice for $2.00. There is a nearby store though that serves coffee for just $0.25.

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