Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Cambodia's Happy Pizzas: Happy or Super Happy? Or do you even want to be Happy?

Confessions time. My first try of weed was back in my first year in college, and never again until I started this trip.

My first stop in this trip was Thailand and I was surprised to find out it's a common good sold just a little less freely as a cigarette over travellers, who around 90% i meet seek it. It was rarer in Malaysia, but just as common in Laos, Vietnam and Cambodia.

I have tried the happy pizza, and a super happy one, during my first visit in Cambodia, and while i did not feel anything, my travel buddies said they were quite stoned after.

In this second visit, I met other travellers and this will be their first time, so were just as curious about the super happy pizza.

We walked towards the river in Sisowath Quay where I had it the first time, but the same establishment where I had it then, Happy Herb Pizza, was closed, so had to sit on the next door restaurant, Pink Elephant.

I drove my Vietnamese motorbike towards the restaurant, along with another traveller, and ordered beer while we waited for a third traveller to arrive. A few minutes later, he arrived, and we ordered a large size super happy pizza.

Considering i did not get anything back in the first try, we ordered super happy pizza again. When it arrived, i took the slice with a generous portion of the herb.

After just 1 slice, i felt a little difference. I have not had dinner, so went for a second slice. My 2 other travel buddies stopped after the first slice.

Just minutes later, even before completely finishing the second slice, I was feeling quite sloppy and blown; I was feeling short of breathe, getting heart burns, and my heart pumping so fast. I suddenly remembered that warning memo behind our hostel dorm's room about caution on these herbs and chems.

I knew I had too much, so went back and forth in the washroom trying to puke it out. My travel buddies have been stale. I drank as much was as I can, but the effect is just getting worse and faster than I can drink the water. We had to order a second 1.5L of water right there.

It was getting late and we felt like the staff were ready to close. We could barely move anything from our body; We asked for the bill, and told the staff that I'd leave my motorbike, and pick it up the following day. We took tuktuk instead.

On the way, I was getting the paranoia of being driven somewhere we may not know, and being robbed. The tuktuk got lost somewhere too, but glad i still managed to navigate through my google maps and give directions. We arrived at the hostel safe.

In bed, my arms and feet would get numb, and the shortness of breath, the fast hearbeat, and the heartburns continued. I was so paranoid, as well as for my co-traveller, especially that I was the one who asked for the Super Happy. I was assigned on an upper bunk of bed, and because of the 3L water we drank, throughout the night, I had to run down to the toilet.

We woke up after 15 hours of sleep, thirsty and hungry. I was finally getting my breathe; Seriously, I thought I was never waking up.

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