Tuesday, September 24, 2013

White water rafting in Cagayan de Oro city

Travel bud Choks arranged everything in this trip, and I must be honest I have no preparations nor any contribution for this trip. All i know is that i decided to go just a day before the flight, had to finish my laundry the night before, and have not had sleep at all.

Upon landing in landinguin airport, we head straight to Vines pension house in Cagayan De Oro where we will be picked up by the Kagay team (our tour operator for the whitewater rafting).

It was a not so quick jeepney ride to the river, which as they say, divides cagayan and bukidnon. Apart from our group, There were 3 others in the jeep who will go for beginner level; So, after dropping us to our jump off, they proceeded somewhere else where they waited for us while we track through the advanced level.

Funny thing that happened was, we didn't flip anywhere in the advanced level rapids, but twice on the beginner level. The first time we fell off the raft was awkward. It was actually very easy; yet, we were foolig around at the time so 3 of 4 fell off the raft.

The second one was rather unprecedented. I could see from the face of the guide that he didn't expect us flipping. I think it was due rather to the distribution of our weight thats why we flipped. The rapid is facing the white wall, and while we were trying to maneuver sidewards, we were caught off hook diagonal to the direction of the current, such that we hit the wall with the heavier side of the raft on the latter position.

I must say it was a bad flip and I could tell from the face of the guides how unexpected it is. Overall though, had we not flipped, i would have found the rafting 100% boring (not sure because lack of rest and sleep made me short of good vibes). It takes too much time to get to the next rapid; and it is not called rapid for nothing; it happens too quickly, and takes too long to get to each of the 24 rapids.

There was also some part where we spotted some snakes hanging up the trees. (One more thing that made it less boring). Also, i jumpe off the raft at some streams; let myself flow woth the water, to make it more fun.

We each paid 1100 for the advanced level rafting with Kagay.

Essential: sunblock and armsleeves perhaps. The 3hours course under the burning sun is sure going to cook you well done.

At the end of the course is a nice resort with P50 entrance. Might want to add that to the iti. They also serve food and snacks for guests (and finishers of the rafting).

Still not sure where to stay in CDeO? I Posted photos here and here of where I stayed.and here's for how to commute from laguindingan airport to city proper
see here for where we ate in Cagayan De Oro

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