Sunday, May 5, 2013

Tyranny of Bus Stops

Haven't had dinner yet, and it's already 12:58am. It was around 6pm when i decided to take this trip, had 2hours to pack and do some house chores, and got to the bus station 8:57pm for the 9:00pm trip to Daet (not to mention I was supposed to get the direct Cubao-Paracale trip by 7:45pm).

Anyway, i knew right on that prices in the bus stops would make me think twice on getting anything to eat. It's not a good habit to starve oneself for the sake of savings, but for frequent travellers, being wise means getting more miles.

So i looked around the menu and asked about the scrambled egg that was twinkling from my sight: a whopping P35 for less than P10 the cost. Forget it :-)
Then i noticed they've gotten rid of the free for all drinking water which they used to have (so they can sell from the bottled water). I ended up going for a P10 boiled egg and P25 siopao.

With my viscious travelling, some proven ways to save up from your transit:

1. Bottled water. Make it a habit to bring your filled water bottle (perhaps a litter) And refill whenever there's a free option.

2. As much as possible, pack some food for the trip; Or, buy somewhere whenever it's reasonably priced before hopping the bus. Else, you can bring canned goods and purchase your rice instead.

3. Before buying anything from the bus stop, scan around. There might be regular stores/eatery just outside the bus stop (but be sure to be wary of ur bus as you may be left behind).

4. Most stops charge P5 to pee; We men dont need to buy poise;

5. I used to bring my tin mug, and 3-in-1 coffee. Instead of spending P15 at each stop, i normally get hot water for free if not P2-P5.

(By the way, if you happen to be a student, upon telling the conductor of your destination, proactively ask for the student rate; in marinduque especially, if you take the jac liner bus that plies direct, it saves you almost P200.)

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  1. true. avoiding these miscellaneous expenses can dramatically increase our budget :)


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