Tuesday, January 22, 2013

DECA Wakepark Clark, Pampanga

A few months ago, I've heard about the construction of a wake park in Clark. I keep asking my folks who frequent Clark of the exact location, but none could tell, although, just like me, they say they've heard about it too.

One lucky day, I googled the words 'wakeboard' and 'clark' and without really needing to click on the 'I feel lucky' button, I got to the DECA wake park site right on the first page. I found some phone numbers, called them immediately and got the rates.

Some 2 weeks after, I had to go home to pampanga to check out my grandma (which I am having to do regularly). The Sunday of that weekend, I was itching to get somewhere; So I decided to ring my cousin and ask if he can accompany us to DECA wake park. He gladly agreed. In less than 2 hours I was already on my grip.

Thank goodness I just found something to do for those Pampanga-See grandma weekends; And I can do wakeboarding in less than 2 hours from Manila and much cheaper than the Nuvali rates.

Commuting to DECA wake park:

Deca Wakepark is actually in Margot, Angeles City and not inside the Clark Freeport Zone. It is within it's perimeter though.

If you're coming from Manila, take DAU bound buses (fare is P139.00). From Dau, walk towards the Caltex Pump in McArthur Hiway; Cross the highway and take an SM Clark bound jeep (should say Dau Check Point; Fare is P8). Then, in SM Clark, ask for jeep bound for friendship (these are beige colored jeeps and their terminal is in Fields Avenue. Take the jeep and ask to be dropped in Friendship gate (fare is also P8). From there, either take a tricyle (I would estimate that fare shall be less than P40; More than that is 3x rip off). Or, alternatively, you may take an Angeles-Sapangbato jeep and get off in the DECA Park Gate (fare is also P8).

This is the part where you get off in case you take the Sapang Bato jeep; From here you walk left and you'll see the DECA Gate

Rental Rates in Deca Wakepark

Prices in the canteen

*you may want to pack food and water instead as there isn't much choice in the facility. 
*you may make sure to bring your toiletries; there isn't anywhere in the vicinity to get shampoo, soap, toothpaste, etc
*it seems they sell wakeboard peripherals there too

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