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Balaki Island, Infanta, Pangasinan

Ian Limbonis in Balaki Island, Infanta, Pangasinan

Having been to beaches in Anda, Bolinao, Alaminos, and Dasol, i thought there was nothing else left to see in Pangasinan. Not until
One day, i was watching tv, and i saw a feature on yet another supposed white sand beach..balaki island.

The morning after, i immediately searched it on the net, and a lot of the available posts are narratives of tambobong beach which include balaki as part of their day tour, in addition to colibra island, balinmalok, cabacungan, crocodile island, hermana etc.

headed to balaki island, infanta, pangasinan

Had there been other places available to check out, i would have scheduled the trip myself, no matter if i have to be alone. But then, there's really nothing else..

Then, one of our best friends cum beach buddy is booked for a sat flight to the Phils from SG. That's when i thought about conquering balaki island. We can't leave fri night cause we have to wait for her arrival saturday 8pm, and a daytrip would be very appropriate for such itinerary.

cooking in balaki island, infanta, pangasinan

Our arriving friend landed 8pm, and it was past 9 when we left DMIA; after some sideturns here and there, we arrived in tArlac around 12mn.

In cAmiling, 3 kilometers before the T diversion to malasique, there was a horrible accident that took place just a few minutes ahead. It was among a motorcycle, container van, and an L-300 passenger van. The rider was dead om the spot, and his body was just lying on the road bleeding and no hope for revival. It has caused blockage and it took almost half hour before we were allowed to move.

balaki island, infanta, pangasinan

At a bit past 2am, we stopped at a Caltex petrol pump to stretch out. We initially thought of making coffee but because of the balikbayan's longing for videokeing, we sat for a bottle of Red Horse instead and sang.

It was almos 3am when we left. Heading straight further passing through Burgos, Dasol and eventually Infanta,

balaki island, infanta, pangasinan

By 5:46am, and after 247 kms from Pampanga, we reached the barangay outpost. We were only going to ask for directions there but Brgy kagawad Mandy Collado said he can actually get us a boat from there.

We waited a bit while he fetched his kumpare who owns a boat. As soon as they were back, we took the car to his comrad on the coast and waited to be boarded.

balaki island, infanta, pangasinan

From the coast it seems as if the island is so close, but it took us close to 30mins to reach, considering it was an almost flat current. It was low tide at that time and the boat can hardly dock close.

The sand isn't white. It's Cream brown just like that of bolinao. I have expected it to be like that of tambobong since it was close but i was wrong.

The place where we camped was also quite rocky; a little bit later, the waves are becoming more rough. We couldn't really have beach fun. Since everyone didn't get enough sleep, after having our meal, all of them slept.

Meanwhile, i took the chance of touring the island. It would have been better if we camped on the side facing colibra island. Water was more quiet, less rocks on the bed, and it was sun shaded.

balaki island, infanta, pangasinan

Walked back and checked out the other side. That one was great for pictures because of the fallen trees, just like that of potipot's trademark. The trash of previous campers are everywhere though.

After some pictures, walked back again and everybody's still asleep. If only i had a number to reach the boatman, i would have asked him to pick us up and we'd rather go tambobong beach. After all, we'll have to drive back to Dasol; Anyway 3 of us haven't been there yet. Unfortunately, the boatman does not have a mobile.

balaki island, infanta, pangasinan

*Pangasinan's best beach is Tambobong... shall be on priority before anywhere else (though Patar in Bolinao is most convenient for transport, especially commute).


  1. balaki island? info from LGUs of that district the name of that island is raton island.


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