Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Cleanup Drive: Miyamit Falls and Porac Peak

Since the time I showed my relatives my pictures of Miyamit Falls and the Porac peak, they have been so eager about getting there themselves (and of course with me being their guide). And me, being a person who always give way to my younger cousins, I thought I could spare them some time for my christmas offs.

I was supposed to go to work on the 27th, but last christmas, they've been begging me to get them elsewhere. The girls were good with going to Poracay resort, also in the same town, but the boys were wanting something more rough. Meantime, I was having second thoughts of wether they'll be able to handle the ups and downs of the several mountain trail to the peak and falls.

Christmas night, I invited my elder cousin for a nightout in Angeles party district. It was almost 4am when we went home. By the time I woke up, it was almost noontime, ready for lunch. Everybody has been anticipating the hike the next day so everyone woke up and came early, ready with their backpacks. I did not want to spoil their preparations so I immediately asked them to send an sms to our uncle so he could pick us up and drive us to the drop off point. Thank goodness, our uncle was more than ready and available.

In less than an hour, I had my lunch, bath, and was ready to leave. At 2:47 we were already at the jump off point in Sapang Uwak. Within less than an hour from the jump off point, the ladies were complaining about their knees already. Next hour, everybody was asking for some breaks every 30 mins of the trail. I knew it will be late by the time we reach the peak.

After several encounters with the local aetas, and several breaks and outcries more ahead, we reached the peak before 7pm. It was still a fast hike compared to when I've taken it the first time, and alone. That time, since I started it at a very hot 11am, it took me 6 hours to get to miyamit falls.

At the peak, the wind was blowing very strong and very cold. We met 2 guys there, 3 including their guide, who has been exploring the mountains of porac for said, 10 yrs, since 2000: The type of group I would definitely want to belong to as I'd like to write and focus about my local mountains. There has been a few they've successfully explored, and the one they are about to take at that time will already be their second attempt. According to them, it takes them 4 days normally to conquer one of the mountains, including one with a 4,000++ MASL elevation.

I had a few shots share of their Gin when I thought about going back to my tent so I can have more time with my cousins. Anyhow, I have their number and I'll certainly contact and join them for their future exploration.

Since it was very cold, we decided not to setup the 2 tents. We setup the bigger one where 7 of us had fit in, to help us in the cold. We weren't ready for that cold as it was warm the first time we were there. I had to tie some of our spare clothes on my feet and hands to warm up.

It was 8am when we woke up. The 2 guys woke up earlier and were taking pictures around. Apung Jungle, one of the elder natives, was also there and was narrating a lot of stories about the eruption of the Pinatubo and more info about the peaks. As soon as we had coffee, some bread and tuna, we packed up and was ready for the descend to the falls... the part where it gets more exciting for the rest.

On the way down, we met a group of folks from the travel show of  CLTV36 (the local channel). We left them in the deck and met them again in the falls

While the view was as priceless as ever, I could not take a dip this time as the water was nearly ice cold;

By noontime, we started the return trail and were back at the jump off point by 4pm. While the girls were quite teary 30 mins before the jump off point, I must say, they nailed it. Not to mention the fact that, though I had to bribe them a bit, we collected the plastic garbage along the way.

Thanks to my cousins, the trail is plastic free. Hope future visitors keep it that way...

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