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Mt Tarak Ridge, Mariveles, Bataan (July 2-3, 2011)

in line with the group

Mt Tarak is said to have gotten it's name from the local word "tarik" which translates to an adjective to describe a height or altitude, i.e. steep.

itchy bitchy bushy

that's how saturated the soil is

From Tarlac City, through SCTEX and it's Dinalupihan exit, we reached Mariveles, barangay Alasasin at 7:49 am. We paid P20 ppx for the registration in the barangay hall which is just a few steps away on a left turn from kilometer 156 of the national highway. At this same point on the national highway is a talipapa where travellers can market fish, meat, vegetables and some grocers. From there, we transferred to a pre-arranged jeep (P300 for a return trip for the whole group/jeep) to take us to the jump off point, Nanay Kording's hut.

some more shots of the trail

The descend was called at 8:45 am, and in a nutshell, it was a fertile clay ground of moist grass and woods.
By 9:49am, We've come across a clearance that lends a 180 degree view of Bataan coasts, towns, the Nuclear power plant and even a trace of Manila bay up to Cavite province. There is also a view of an isolated waterfalls which' stream has atuned to the chirp and breeze of the jungle for something like an hour and a half of the trek. It was a perfect catch up, as our eyes are beginning to sour at the heat of the daylight.

at the view deck

As usual, the seniors of the group, along with their 800-peso porters reached the campsite ahead. When we heard their voices, and the amplifying downstream of the papaya river, the brisk walking has turned into 90 steps per minute marathon. Nobody ever cared if anyone's being left behind.

take 5

hop away

After three hours, few minutes to noontime, we've setup the camp and brought out our well prepared lunch - Maling, sunny side ups and hotdogs; which, after that much strain, won't taste anything less than a porterhouse or even a mignon. Just while having lunch, the other groups were soaked in the creek and I would always peep on envy. But then again, we're scheduled for an assault at the ridge.

a crab i've spotted after i lifted a rock to sit on

It was 2pm when we began the assault. Two in our company were left in the camp to prepare 2 of Nanang Kording's live chicken for dinner.

the slippery climb close to the summit

As I've been used to camping in the summit, I thought Mt Tarak was a giveaway. Little did I know that the actual climb is only about to start. The assault starts with some crawling and climbing through some roots or branches (im not even sure as it's all mixed up). As we move forward, the trees become even more gigantic. The concrete ground then turns into vines for vines of roots. Approaching the clearance next to the summit, the ground turns into slippery pebbles and waist high grass. The temperature is really low, and clouds will be all over. It was almost half past three at that time.

the summit assaulters :-)

At the summit, there is a canopy of trees that serves as a campsite for those who prefer a cool lodge. For the next hour, everyone was just taking pictures after pictures. Up there, it's a different set of plants, mostly

cool and comfy

fooling around in heaven

As usual, I was more worrisome going down. The thing is, unless I turn my head back, going up, I don't get to see what i'd fall to shall I slip; Also, in case I do a bad step, I can just pull my feet back. Down wise, it becomes very risky. I could get so nervous and shaking at the sight of the slope; And, if I make the wrong step, it'll be very hard to pull it back. Luckily, I did not slip throughout (unlike in Arayat). We were safely back at the camp by 6pm, just about time that dinner was ready.
some socials

and my favorite part...booooOOOO000ze.

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